posted on May 2, 2006 at 3:06 am

dont be alarmed
the things you see cant hurt you anymore
they are only potential
they only exist here on this little screen
youve been running and running
but youve realised that we are all one
and therefore
you were always running from yourself
and wherever you went
there you were
like someone trying to see themselves
in a mirror
or in a dream
or both
things getting bigger and shrinking
photowaves of disortion
subcuticular undulation
methodology suspect
in this case
abbreviated time necessary left
ah….thats better
improving fluid days of love
try witch hazel or yohimbe
enter your bath humming strauss
shave your self and think smooth precise aqua glide
take down the chinese white towel
water evaporates like time
comb your hair
change your mind
complete the circle
abandon hope
out the door
the traffic in west ken grinds to a halt
shoulda taken the tube
shoulda been born a million years into the future
but youd still run outta and over time
christan wolf is waiting at the airport
the plane is in the hangar
virgo is rising
wolf takes your luggage silently
his car is warm and aromatic
ultc plays on the stereo
its spring, nearly summer
the countryside is superb
theres virtually nothing to worry about

the poem has already left the building

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