posted on July 24, 2009 at 11:38 am

sitting at arlanda airport
trying to fly to philly
then to nyc
my flight delayed by ” at least 3 hours”
means i fly into nyc at midnight if i,m lucky
i had to fly back to nyc cos that was my original point
of flying back to aust
just had a very teary goodbye with minna
who has been so kind to me during my stay
attentive concerned and wonderful company
i love her more than i can say
yes i am very very proud of her n her sister
i feel very weak sick n demoralized at the mo
and lucky you
you get to hear all about it
i mean
thats what a diary is for, isnt it?
im writing on a machine that charges 6 bucks an hour
of course they woodnae wanna have free internet at an airport
thatd be too convenient wouldnt it…
i hate airports
i hate aeroplanes
i hate travelling
i hate being on my own
so i feel pretty low right now
the pathetic silly sod is still writing nasty comments
which only goes to prove how much he loves me
sad, isnt it?
ah unrequited love…
never mind
i get back for 2 nights
then its off again to brizzy for kev carmody gig
will be great to see all my kc co horts again
but hard leaving the fambley
after such a short reunion
am looking forward to seeing miss natalie so much
i guess i got lucky
my wife is my lover and my best friend
and she makes “it” all go away for me
wish we never had to be apart again
scarlet kilbey probably thinks her dad is never coming back
and will be quite surprised to see me in the flesh
on monday morning
wow time passes slow here at the airport
trolleys go by
people embrace hello n goodbye
its a warm cloudy day in stockholm
my second home in a way in this world
and it always makes me so sad to leave
rushed here this morning
just to be told to wait wait wait wait
people say the” jet set ” about international travel
but i’m well fucking over it
coulda had lunch with martin kraaal before i left
its cold here at airport too
over air conditioned….why?
hopefully my plane leaves at 4
its ten to 2 now
time seems to have frozen
tho i know it will pass
i remember grants song at a time like this
“c’mon time
do yer magic trick
take it all away from me
make it quick”
actually so low
i feel almost lost for words
tho i have another hour of typing
left on this machine if i want it
i wonder how you all liked seeing the twillies
apart from all the nice comments already in
i guess the doodles
will probably make their blogge debut live soon
and yes
as i figger out my imovie doo dah
i hope presentations to become much much better
i will be doing songs n painting video blogges
so stay tuned
the sky is the limit i guess
and you will see more n more facets
of my lovely life
as we progress along
something to be said for the written word
and the imagination involved
a video leaves not much to be imagined
but i feel like you might as well see me in every way
fambley manne
etc etc
i contain contradictions
i am not what anybody thought
i am committed to evolving on my blogge
figgering out new ways
to entertain ya
and keep you informed
i hope we are all together for many years to come
see i’m still stuck at #19 on the charts
which aint bad
considering its the real international chart
but i wonder how i can get any higher
voice in another airport : we,re always wondrin’ that…
fuck it
thats enough i guess
i really miss minna
we had a lovely time together in the country
and a great train ride home
talking bout stuff
listening to music etc
ok bye
i’ll let you guys know whats happening anyway
arlanda airport 5 past 2
24th july
in limbo


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