posted on July 28, 2007 at 9:42 pm

the next day the killer awoke
its a rainy foggy day
hes in a beautiful hotel room
oh if only miss natalie was here…
the room is full of wood n soft sumptuous carpet
the killers mind is full of last nites gig
the music rings on in my mind n my ears
how could the same man have been ignored in one place
dismissed with nary a clap
and the same bloke
same songs
same mature (d)rugged handsome looks
same grey beard
gets 3 (count em!) encores somewhere else?
there you go
its all relative
wello was a shambles
cc was a fiasco
but orc-land was the decider
and the killer came home
the lovely audience provided a safety net of goodwill
i fell but i bounced back up
i remembered the words
i remember the chords
the protective invisible suit surrounded me
and my true self shone forth
nothing mattered anymore
they made me feel at home
and i did feel welcome there
one of the best solo gigs i ever done..
must thank kurt s
who promoted this tour
who put his money where his mouth was
and unfortunately
lost a few fucking thousand bucks
but thru everything
remained cheerful n optimistic
and was concerned for me and my upsndowns
kurt…bring me back again please
just me…not the band….
let orcland be my own little haven
where i know i can come n get a little adoration
i wanna thank paul footlights
who jumped in n made my gig a lot easier
gave of ‘imself regardless
and got my guitar intune at last
although hed bought a 40 buck ticket himself
he spent most of gig
backstage getting guitars ready
pauly …not a god…but damn close
and 12 strings are a bother yes
but when in tune are so sweet like a mini orc-estra
thanks to matty d for all his help n hope the film is good
thanks to the legendary shayne carter who came backstage
hope to see more of ya in syddley in nov
thanks to jo jo the phillipino who gushed n gushed
n had to be carted off still gushing
and strangely strangely
the other gentlemen calling himself matt d
i met him in the carpark
a big dark (welsh?) brute
looking for a fight was he…?
the killer gave him one in guts
one in the head
and then a high karate kick
which put his great vicious rugby lights out
hey apparently he was in town stalking the other matt d
you aint heard the last from that bastard…
hey davyddson…im gonna have ya
if ya ever step one inch below the equator again!!!
i left him moaning in the gutter
mopping up his blood with a copy of fruit machine…
ha! the bloody cheek…
today i fly out
the extended fam is having christmas in july
all 5 daughters
juicy wallop
all 2 brothers
all 1 niece
all 2 nephews
amy s
zoe m
karin n gorm
more swedes
uncle kenny n cousin sammy
and of course
lil nk
lies waiting patiently for me
homeward bound fiendss
back across the ditch
bye bye killer
come back soon

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