posted on November 8, 2006 at 7:15 pm

the next morning
nevets yeblik rolled outta bed
it was twenty to six
a grey sky streaked with pink n mauves
unusually cold for november
too cold to march in the global warming protest
nevets was busy embracing paradox
he went out on his balcony
he smoked a spliff
a blend of 2 outdoor types
he watch the smoke race up the empty silent street
he feels the warm rinse
as the thc hits the god given receptors
everything very still in the dawning world
all bugs
all cats n dogs
even, strangely , the birdies
nothing rustled, tweated or growled
the trees were perfectly motionless
there was no breeze
nevets drew a sweet lungful down deep
he was in his blue dressing gown n his boots
he musta looked a comical sight
standing out there puffing away
his thin fine hair drooping around
his white beard neat n trimmed
his suntanned freckly skin
the lines that traversed his face
grey eyes like the sky
a paradox even unto himself
nevets never knew what was gonna happen next
he was ostensibly getting stoned
at this early hour
to write his blogge
while the house was quiet
he put on moondawn by klaus schultze
his tiny white speakers
slim compact n portable
the same colour as his computer
oh gee! nevets you moderne olde foole
all the latest stuff…!
i bet hes really happy now
the sound of sequenced analog synths
he notices his tinnitus almost as loud as the music
nevets gulps down some fiji water
and applies his migrastick
with some pleasure he strokes his beard
the trees have begun to move
although there is still no wind
a mournful crow calls in the soft morning
black n sleek perched on a wire
nevets fiddles with his apparatii
this is the future after all
and this is fiction
where anything can happen
so ya gotta be quick!
nevets tap tap tap on his keyboard
nevets what are you writing?
nevets what labour you over with yon diligencia?
oh im writing a blogge of course….
why nevets why? whatsitabout?
nevets fiddles with fiji water
takes another swig
the music has taken an elegaic turn
oh nevets i admire your turns of phrase..
yes, im quite the little wordsmith says nevets
who are faves nevets?
oh no one youve ever heard of he grumbles
listen im trying to write something here
before the triplets wake up…
before the crow has time to end his sad song….
that same olde clocke goes tick tick never tock
a lorry rumbles off in he distance
the beachside suburb gradually shrugs its hedges
and scratches its nature strips
as it struggles to wake
why do anything?
hey nevets, i said why do anything?
hey nevets, i said fuck their system and its phoney baloney
yeah yeah says nevets, lemme write my blogge
i said hey nevets, whatta bout ploogy, huh nevets huh?!
whatta character nevets…!
another time says nevets
but all those hilarious anecdotes nevets
remember the time in pittsburgh when he….
there you go says nevets
not time to tell his tale yet….
nevets and i sit in silence
the crow has flown north looking for summer
doors burst open and suits pour out
big square noisy machines start up
belching blue smoke and nasty smell
the suits drive away
joggers run past backwards
the fruit in the bowl ripens
the streamers from the triplets birthday
still hanging and moving in the air
small knick knacks
little notes n lists on the fridge
elephants n ganeshas
a tin of simpkins forest fruit drops
2 cds
closer by joy division
hope springs by gersey
a script nevets will be reading today at 11 am
a frog mask from bali
its bulging red eyes
nevets does it scare the triplies?
nah theyre used to it…
nevets this klaus schultze record is starting to piss me off
its too buzzing n percolating for this time a day..
ok try this then…
oh yeah i heard it before
marconi union…
sounds like sumpthing symond poolenski might dig!
hey when is yer nemesis project happnin’ then nevets?
oh dee laid till next year?
whys that?’
i dunno, its not my department..
what IS your department?
smokin weed n bloggin’ till the bitta end..
ever thought of gettin’ a real job?
(nevets spreads his hands)
who’d fucking have me?
but youre articulate, well read discriminating..
exactly…so who’d have me?
(nevets jerks his thumb in the direction of his window
outside we can see in the distance
the harbour bridge n the towers of the city)
theres no place for me out there he says ruefully
marconi union become pensive
for a moment
i feel
that nevets is writing this
i shudder
am i losing it or what
a soft sequence begins via the union
im slightly achey n shivery
nevets types away in his glasses
he has short fingers n small hands
he types with one finga
but boy is he fast
his back starts to hurt
he sits back n stretches out from time to time
more migrastick
another fruit drop
another swig of fiji water
life by the drop
the tiniest things
the triplies stir in the beddybyes
artemis, flora n lulu
oh such little cuddlies!
their sea snail laid eggs
but the fishies ate all the baby snails
today is nevets day of rest from the pool
its closed for cleaning
so today he can wallow in laziness
i mean he’ll still do his deep aura cleansing routine
with the magnets n rings
and the hydronated epi-thetes
plus tonically aligned breathing rimpostes
with serragated oompa-doompas
and for breakfast treeflesh with oak-milk
theyre all up now
baby violet and all
i must depart
i must away

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