posted on July 6, 2006 at 5:07 am

sits at a chair
afternoon sun
smokin’ the secret stash
drinkin’ orange juice
have done chi gong
have done yoga
have been to park to play games with family
what does he wanna tell ya
what are the forces strugglin’ inside him
crying to be heard
a’clamouring and a’calling
“dont tell em anything more about songwriting….!”
“tell em your listnin’ to all saints by david bowie
on yer big sony headphones
v2 schneider
dont start me off on my germanic stage
my leather houses stage
my struggling in an attic flat there
getting off coke and making a record
like an ordinary geezer phase
no nevets that wasnt your life
“tell em about the time by the side of the pool
hot gold coast 1981 magic mushroom night”
“i tell ya man, these fiendss be sick of that drug talk”
hey hey nevets
what about the time….ah forget it…oh alright
the time you had your 13th birthday party…
“i dont think the statute of limitations has elapsed on that one”
“”tell em youre listening to weeping wall now
it s visions bring a shudder to my spine”
my daughter arorua asks can she watch the tv
“no tv, play for a while longer” says nevets from a great distance
a million miles across a great gulf in my kitchen
stands a blonde haired female half-version of yourself, nevets
“oh she’s a lovely kid”
glance at yon clocke pon wall
“”maybe at 4, come and see me then”
says the spokesperson embedded in nevets brane
strange to see her brown eyes staring into my hart
“go on now, im writing my blogge” nevets says
he/you/i watch her saunter off
“is she happy with your decision” someone asks
“kids shouldnt watch the bloody tv all daylong” someone else retorts
quick as that
“ah, tell em yer listnin’ to crystal japan
which is the music that both you and nk swear is the anthem
to yer olde island which went down oh so long a go
one more time they played the anthem as we sank
on strange music machines that imitated voices
and we saluted…”
wracked with coughs
eyes well outta focus
glasses give headache
youre kinda doing yer own really good one finger thing
druid, it s all happning like you was playing your bass
nevets you gotta rapport going w/ yer i book
you olde modern deville
master of qwerty quick foxes humping lazy jogs
“oh sk, youre just a raving bloody hippy”
that reminds me
lassa night me n ekim n llessur
working onna something for this album
for kev carmody
you know, people doing his songs
and nevets pulls a corker outta the fire
(he very modestly reckons)
everything almost first take
inspired stuff
nevets turn song on head
make it yours
“yes he did”
nevets very immodestly boasts to his brother
“ya gotta admit, im a fucking pop jenius”
“i thought it was all god n luck “says brother(improbably?!)
“wasnt fucking god n luck playing the bloody piano n bass”
you scoff, nevets
you olde braggart
ha ha ha
its allright now
we call it “oh that nevets, whatta character”
“i dont actually really understand any of this” someone out there thinks
“no no go on nevets im enjoying this flyte of phantasmry” another transmits to me
” ive got a good comment for this little baby”
meanwhile the afternoon wears on
time absconds like a thief taking my time
running out on me when i needed ya the most
nevets says” now im tired of this blogg!”
its conceit is an albatross round its neck
“no more puns or bad spelling” nevets demands
“no more swearing son” thinks ecyoj
the kids ask nevets if the time is 4 yet
there forcing time forward
nevets trying to hold it back
neukoln comes on
“tell em neukoln has come on”
i just did
you fool
“nevets is thinking of having a soy ice cream”
chorus of voices
“oh yes please!”
nevets you love yer sugar fixx baybee
“the amount of exercise that poor man does…
leave him alone!”
what about songwriting nevets?
werent ya gonna pontificate on songwriting, ya big expert?
i dunno
suddenly nevets you feel weary
the sun has begun its retreat
looking out yer back window
you see the silohuette of the hubba bridge
against a golden sundrenched cloud
the music pulses n ebbs in the cans
small worries pull at the corners of yer mind
voices niggle n quibble in nevets head
“you never know who yer gonna get with this guy” says one of the other nevets
“i resemble that remark”
go on nevetses have a good laugh
youve all deserved it
bacchus is back underway
the end is. at the very least, in sight
youve made a good start on the kev carmody thing
thats a result, innit
bloody virgos
hard on emselves
hard on everybody else too
fussy eaters n all
difficult bastard, that nevets
“i mett him once in 1987
he was so rude”
“i met him and he gave me the shirt off his back”
i met him n i thought he was boring, honestly
i couldda court him at a bad time, tho
he was writing hiss blogg
love ya

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