posted on July 11, 2007 at 5:09 am

i get up at about 8
everyones asleep
so i go swimming
walking to the pool
i listen to my new record
actually i got 2 new records
very close to fruition
and true to form
im not just foisting any olde tripe on you
theres some pretty perceptive types
who read my blogge ya know
like percy-phone and fanged-rulin’
milky-aidies and la bon
so im assuring them
you will like my new records
measured chaps like the dean and damien
they will like my new records
my very devoted devotees
(you know who you are)
you will love my new records
those among us here more detached from this mundane reality
say jonnie hollywood and bri bri com
you will like my new record
those inscrutable types like theolonius
you will like my new records
new zealenders
you will like my new records
in other words
mutually inclusive
2 opposites
the wild erratic electronic whirlpool of one
or the measured elegant songs of the other
all of them primo being
i mean
youve read the blogges
now hear the music
its all there
youll recognize yourself in it
youll know what im saying…youll see
itll all make sense
twin records a million miles apart
one has music supplied by me n tim n william spacemaster
the other has music by martin kennedy
i sing on both records of course
and that is the intersection
other than that they are completely different
the k/k record is contained exact sparing precise
the killer record is abandon dissolute fruity travelling
youll like em both
or pay me more to make a better one
i walk to the pool
have a sauna first
get some heat up for that cool pool
the water is cold and turgid
it takes me half a lap to catch my breath
then its swim swim swim
breastroke up one way
freestyle back
i think about my swimming
concentrating on what all my limbs are doing
actually having to be in the moment
to check how its all going
observing myself
i realise the cold water is numbing me
producing a pleasant mildly “burning” sensation
its nice to be immersed in this thick cold green water
the water goes in my mouth and up my nose
and i become part of it
as i do my laps
i think about the night i met my first girlfriend ever
i was at the dickson library
talking to a boy call macleod
but it was pronounced mc cloud
which i thought was a good name
i was just 16
macleod was studying the bones in porpoises flippers
it was a warm night
we were sitting upstairs
when the girl came in……
i imagine or recall the details
a few laps go by without me noticing
i concentrate on my swimming strokes again
a well known bondi iron man called spot
jumps into the lane next to me and ploughs through the water
like a torpedo in a hurry
how can people swim so fast?
anyway i only do 18
instead of 20
due to sheer lazy gutlessness
and thats typical steve kilbey right there
go to all that trouble
and then not complete the 20
the one kilometre hes sposed to do
leave it undone
walking home from the pool
listening to pod
i was tapped on the shoulder
by an extremely attractive young woman
who was ….elli
eating breakfast at a cafe
i sat n talked to her for a while
whatta lovely daughter
(when shes in a good mood)
the cafe owner hassling me to stay and eat something
i gotta go home i say
why are you too famous to eat here he says
hes ribbing me
but now everyone in cafe is peering at me
trying to figure out who i am
i catch myself in the mirror
i look like captain nemo or something
howcomes yer face is all sunburnt yells out comical cafe owner
i just got out of a sauna i yell back across the cafe
looks like yer sunburnt !yells cco
theres no sun out there sunshine ..says ttb
why you gotta go home says impudent cco
gotta do interviews with new zealand says ttb
oooh lifestyles of rich n famous he squeals
something youll never be burdened with says the ttb
ha ha ha
everyone hassa good laugh
including cco and his staff
for the benefit of those in the dark
cco drops the chirch word
aha i can see they know who im “sposed” to be now
gee whizz folks
uhuh its me
anyway the nz intaviews go off all right
interview number one inciting a vegan rant of biblical proportions
# 2 was kinda dreamy and about art and music
i dunno
then we went shopping
aurora n me split from nk eve n scarlet
we go to giant auto cheap barn
where i buy rustspray a chamois(synthetic)
contact n trim adhesive
dont you love shops like this i say to aurora
she looks around and says no
whatta bout that smell in here?
(a sorta hardware rubbery metallicy tooly smell)
aurora sniffs the air
nope she says
i stand looking at sandpaper
aurora stands there quietly bored off her skull
we go over to the music store
i need some work done on my 12 string
before nz
we go upstairs to look at some guitars
auroras restless n bored
shes keeps interrupting the guitar guy
with random
dad? dad?
but doesnt really know what she wants
i end up spending a loada dough i shouldnt spend
to get my guild 12 up n running by nz time
we go in a book store
i peruse various books that are on display
including how to make your own blue movies
which is hilariously stupid
i look at a book of optical effects
to see if i could nick anything
but i couldnt..
we meet up with others exactly as theyre coming out of the shop
bumper sitting on top of a shopping cart
we come home
i check n find internet
but now its gone
will post this when it comes back

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