posted on July 1, 2006 at 7:55 am

today i did a songwriting workshop
quite a talented bunch of intakes i must say
3 english girls who could really sing
one took over the class , struttin’ about
and waving her fingers in the air as she hit the notes
i guess that move is public domain by now
eventually the group i m assigned to
writes a little song
the same title as todays blogg
(which yer humble reporter suggested)
people out there with talent, people
good people
success is good luck
right place right time
theres no givens
theres no formulae
mediocre things sometimes thrive
while good things wither from neglect
amanda brown and lindy morrison from go betweens
among the tutors
and facilitators
but frustration at trying to teach the unteachable
some really young guys there about 13, 14
one talks in this new strange accent australo-american
ive heard a bit round bondi
guys about 15, 16 surfers, skaters, musicians
got a weird new accent
ya sure there americans then, sure enuff
then comes that word in an aussie drawl
and ya realise theyre local lads who jus’ speak
like they were on venice beach rather than bondi..
and its an odd mixture
this guy sounds like hes making this accent up as he goes along
like every now n then he forgets and breaks down into australian
i knew this silly woman once…
five minutes in any place and she was talkin like the locals
expressions, idiom, pronunciation
the lot
she was more liverpudlian than ian mac after a week there
she was more aussie than the blokes in rose tatoo
after a week here chasing a member of the hudu gooroos
michael hutchence was like that
in one sentence he was american, english and australian
he grew up in 3 different places so its no wonder
someone else is our nicole
or mrs keithy urbane
who can no longer smile or talk proper aussie
she has negated age and origin
she looks nervous n desperate in
the ratbag press snaps
like shes losing her nerve
shes gonna be forty soon
hollywoods magic number
“im sorry nicole, we were lookin’ for someone a little younger…”
baybee if i had mrs urbanes money
you wouldnt hear hide nor hair of me…
i might stick out a record or somethin
now an’ then
but i wouldnae be corting the fucking limelight
with fairytail weddings
to the the toppest country singer of the day
but of course
i bet they DO really love each other so ok
i wish i’d been invited thats for sure
keith, im available for a collaboration anytime
thats for sure

back to songwriting lessons
its an impossible task
there is no way
there is everyway
if youre you and nobody else
you got that x factor
you got tha music inna yer blood
you gotta shake and slither
like a quaking snake
you gotta copy n loop like you aint been duped
theres no secret you can really transmit
you gotta practice
you gottta persevere
you gotta believe n be obssessed
24 hours a day
be searching for material
recreate feelings
take those people somewhere for their money
dont take the easy way out
its all so vague
what good can that kinda advice give ya?
you gotta go with it
let it flow thru ya
stand right back and let it shoot thru ya
keep writing
keep trying
rome not built inna day
i think the people hadda good time
in the end
wrote some songs
some of em were getting together again
good on em
many are called but few are chosen
i bid thee fond adieu

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