posted on February 27, 2010 at 9:27 am

do another sitting for andrew h today
for the big art prize
hes got 3 big pictures of me going n
small portraits of me all around the studio
andrew is one of the nicest guys i ever met
a true artist no matter what
the real deal
his place is light n breezy
ocean zephyrs blow thru the white rooms
i discuss my face with andrew
he says “theres lots of concave isnt there?”
hed been doing me too big n hard
i point out small things to him
but hes doing a nice job
interesting to see how he works
painting in a drab greeny brown
swishing it all away with a turpsy rag
he does portraits the way i do
he starts with a very rough thing
and then he refines n refines n closes in n in
its nice to see my face emerging from the canvas
(only its board not canvas)
people walk in n make comments
an old scottish guy makes some funny cracks
ha ha
art n music
we listen to some spacious piano music by old whatsisname
ah youd know who i meant if you heard it
the french guy in the twenties monsieur whatsisname
deadline this friday
must go back for one more sitting tuesday night
only i mainly stand
andrew is such a lovely man
i wish he would bloody win the big prize
thatd just be too damn unlikely, wouldnt it?

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