posted on May 5, 2007 at 7:47 pm

maybe i run out of things to say
nobody could keep it up forever
grant gone for one year
the ghost in the next room hears me cough
always obseessed by death even when you were alive
if we knew when we were gonna die…..
if we knew what was out there waiting for us
nihilism says nothing out there killer
and in the predawn darkness
its easy to believe
unmasked in these early wee small hours
i rise from my bed like a pale blur on black
melancholy baby
shine on harvest moon river
that big black death patiently waiting for me
the stillness of the night
the coming of the light
just an olde guy in a kitchen
type type type
words still flowing
we’re gonna rise up singing
out there sydney
sin city
whats happened in you tonight
surf city
ecstasy n slo mo love
mayhem n carnage
people glued to a tv set
urchin and an enemy
alley cats n sophisticated idiots
blokes slurping down beer
they grow fatter n fatter
till they waddle about like penguins
almost disabled and red faced..
kids wake up early and play quietly in their room
today more people will die
more people will be born
maybe for you and me
just another day
we kinda gotten used to em
these days
coming out of the machine
brand new days forever n ever
go on
carry on
do it
start here
but what have we done to this world?
it was the only one we had
waters in flame
ice melting down
fires gone out
i wrote that 20 odd years ago
it all seems like it was 5 minutes ago
when scarlet was born
when i learnt to swim at shell harbour
when the first english boot hit the sand here
and the locals said
its the end of everything
when we discovered the moons quiet music
when we danced on goat feet in secret glades
and we worshipped zeus and astarte
and the stars really fell from the sky
and something out there
something very very very big
pulled us apart
one by one
and flung us to the farthest corners of the sky
the sky that had just appeared out of nowhere
and that poor lonely god
dreaming up some company for himself
separating into countless little flames
from his fire
come back n tell me about life
that great fire hisses
and we burn n burn n burn on
inexistinguishable they say
we have always been here
i need to heal n be healed
i want to go back
this life thing hurts
it feels so real
so real
i forget who i am
im nobody
just another glorious nobody
part of something enormously invisible
yet right under my nose
my spirit animates my flesh
when my spirit departs
or is negated
the flesh will return to the elements
we do hope the spirit prevails
some spirits take such a battering here
we can build a bridge between sweden n denmark
but we cant find peace
mans inbuilt design error
dont you see
you gotta re make yourself over
you cant just give in to everything
i do believe that is in our power
you dont have to be another pig at the trough
ah the pink clouds n paleness of eos as she arrives
i named my 3rd daughter aurora
it was the most beautiful name i could think of
the roman goddess of the dawn
and she is golden in hue and temperament
her twin is eve
her opposite
mother of mankind
the dark night outside eden
eve who is lithe n limber n rebellious
and the first dawn in eden
before eve arrived
adam must have laughed
to see that young sun rise
do i believe this stuff
it is not a literal truth
it is not a fact
not like the time being in his dawn
his southern hemisfear
global warming
its nearly winter but its pretty damn warm morning
well we trusted the villains like we always do
we sold our cow for a handfull of beans
and a industrialised monster sprang up
and someone thought up the 1st world war
and we all said lets go n get killed there
for king n country and the arch duke franz ferdinand
but we won oh we won
and now we……
well we musta got something out of it
and now
and now its sunday
a day of rest
the rest of the day
white sabbath

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