posted on July 3, 2010 at 12:28 pm

fuck i’m a ‘andsome bastard
and guess what
i been clean for one month
yes thats right
sober as a (stephen) judge
unintoxicated by anything
just swimming just doing yoga just creating more stuff for you
for your pleasure for your delight
oh its almost unbearable to be me right now
seeing things so clearly
i’m gonna take this to its logical conclusion
no more blurred crusades for this knight
i got words pouring outta my pores
and my paws
i got offers pouring in my inbox
steve can you do this
steve can you do that
i got a hilarious musical i’m gonna be in
i’m gonna send myself up n i’m gonna enjoy it
i can sit back and have a laugh at myself
its better than crying
i’m a survivor
the luck of the devil
im deaf and blind but boy can i sing n play bass
i’m pushing 60 baby …what a hoot…
i guess i’ll never grow up now
well you know i worked hard for this
2 hours of yoga a day
being a vegan
not watching telly
hardly ever n now never drinking poisonous booze
no cigarettes or cheezy pizzas
no sitting around like a couch potato
screaming at a tv screen with the “boys”
its a high n lonely destiny (ha ha!)
i’m a workaholic
i walk the talk
i got some good friends now
and i appreciate them
i can sing i can dance i can knockout a haiku
i appreciate fine literature
i meditate again
i wanna reconcile it all before i die
i in love with jesus christ
i in love with krsna
i in love with cs lewis
i in love with dylan n lennon
i in love with iliad n odyssey
i carry the torch
my next few records will blow yer socks off
i got experience oozing out my ears
is that why i’m so deaf
i got no time for arguing the toss
i miss my dad… fuck he was a great guy
i get on well with my brother rusty
i’m glad we’re good mates now
i need his love and support
my children are my joy
my business is a pleasure
and pleasure is definitely my business
you can well imagine
you will have to imagine
even though i am chased
i am from now on chaste
thats right
to pursue my dream
i am sacrificing everything
no nothing for me
i need all my energy for the work
the rakes progress
redirecting desire into concrete abstractions
i contain huge contradictions
i am obsessed with myself
its easy and its cheap
i dont need anyone else
i have my deep mind to fall into and drown in
ha ha ha
dont you love it
and out of all this vainglorious hubris
i got some seriously decent music coming atcha
i got my kilbey mega site
theres gonna be loads of stuff
new unheard works
films from the past
i’m gonna open up my scrapbooks my scrapheaps
i’m gonna open up my chest cavity
n lay my still beating heart on the line
i’m gonna give you insights outsights and oversights
my past lives
my past loves
my foibles my peccadillos my shoo sighs
all the kilbey you can handel coz i know some of you fiendss are hooked
i dont blame you
theres a lot of shallow rubbish out there
n not too many renaissance blokes like moi
so the time being . com coming real soon hopefully mid july
you can get it free
or you can pay n arm n a legge and get premium kilbey
if you recently subscribed here we’ll accommodate ya too
its gonna be a comprehensive one stop shop for all yer kilbey needs
i’ll take the money and abscond to lemuria
where i’ll live in a decaying palace waited on by flying monkeys
we’re planning on having loads of special stuff for ya
yeah i know you cannot wait…too bad…you have to…
bring on the bile my detractors
youre impotent hillrods and boors
no one gives a flying fuck what you whingers write
i rule
old king coal
in the winter of disco tent
a real panther …growl !
a gentleman , ma’am yes i am
a beggar outside the door of love
i’m only here for this moment
you can trust me to be straight with ya
but can you be straight with me?
i’m gonna give you the goods with both barrels
the kinda thing you need as an antidote to all the jim jims
the sad ugly little clowns trying to bring this world down
i cant stop em but i’ll give y a few good CDs to listen to
as we all go under
a few laffs
a few fucking tears
a few mistakes fuck i made few
i been ‘onest with ya
i aint no saint even though i look like one
my grey blue eyes see deep inside
my voice in yer headphones: i sing you your life
i’m not for everyone…i’m too good for just anyone
my music heals and it feels
i’m onto something here
stick around and watch this space
i’m reaping the reward of 55 years
a grand master flashed
i ruin you for all the others
i cold i clear i so very very near
i gone daddy gone
thats it
i feel better now
wow blowing your horn is hard work
im tired after all that immodesty and arrogance
i gotta go
bye bye

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