posted on December 6, 2015 at 11:55 pm
high on the hogweed

its a shame man

as we are approaching universal eternity

the motion of our carriage hurtling down the track

the eons stripped away the canvas rubbed back

down through the layers of painted years

gold leaf sheet a 3 star galaxy

when you accelerate fast and sweet

broad wake of the black comet

in nebula bars drinking in absentia

machine song of the era blaspheming life

skeleton cruise we jump up to our feet

edit of reality live

i’ve burnt some of my eyes writing out these lies

edit of reality then

i shot out the stars with the sun

i guess that didnt work out for everyone…

a man at the station calls out as we sail pass

youre going too fast..!

no my main man..!

i call back though he is instantly miles ago

its all relativity i am actually travelling backwards in a mirror world

a great secret we never shall perceive so you just ought to receive it

as we come around a second and a third time…

the horizon has changed position with the brimming vault of evening

spectacular inner explosions of turquoise which fades into the most gentle pink

windows turning dark on sunday midnight minutes before some new dawn starts

carrying everything it will always bring

under its arms of darkness turning into blue morning











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