posted on April 15, 2008 at 9:07 pm

my friend mem
the artist tarot designer and all round tripper
sent me this book
interesting stuff
talking about the coming end of life as we know it
2012 the deadline
the maya predicted it
plus a few others
the book is about many things strangely close to my heart
south american pre spanish civilizations
ayahuasca..the power and the light
mushrooms n acid
man/woman…the inherent dilemmas
intuition and pseudo-intuition
the gods and the devils
the very nature of reality
art and its purposes
its bloody good reading if you like that stuff
uh huh
and i was digging where mr daniel pinchbeck
was coming from
highly intellectual and a great dabbler in the psychedelics
a brave man
he goes to africa where he takes iboga with the bwiti tribe
oh dear kilbey much too cowardly for that lark
according to the magic botanists
the iboga can be seen as a masculine
to the ayahuascas feminine
he had taken it and it was very IN YOUR FACE!!!
my god…its one that i dont want to try..
he goes to burning man festival in the nevada desert
(or is it utah?)
and takes military uppers n loadsa psychedelics
he goes to the amazon and has the aya
and has some lovely visions on it
pinchbeck like me
indulges in drugs not merely for kicks
but out of a genuine need to explore the inner realms
accessible only by some discipline(martial arts, yoga etc)
or by plants that i and he believes
were put on this planet for humanities evolution
and god dont we need it…
his descriptions of the psychedelic state are excellent
its hard to find words sometimes but he does
he struggles with transmissions from outside sources
and oscillates between delusions of grandeur
and feeling sore and sorry
(just like the time being)
he digs up some cool quotes and examples
and will turn you on to some great authors
at the end of the book
mr pinchbeck actually sorta posits himself
mr daniel pinchbeck
this scrawny sickly new york leftie intellectual
as quetzalcoatl
mexican god
who will herald the new age
the apocalypse
a collapse of old structures
the exterior ones
the interior ones
he also sorta says
that he believes himself to be an incarnation of ashoka
an important buddhist emperor beloved of the gods
can you imagine if i was saying this sorta thing…??!
i am nonplussed
he even prints out part of the transmission
and im sorry to say this daniel
it just didnt feel like the stuff a god (or archetype) would say
it sounds like you
it sounds like your language
im sorry daniel
as a bit of a poet
i reckon quetz would have more linguistic chop
even if english aint his 1st language
and he would reveal……..more….?
look im not sneering
this is an impressive book
but there some mighty impressive claims
where would you go from there?
how would you expect people to treat you?
what happens when/if 2013 rolls around
and we’re sitting here with the same old bunch
doing the same old things
what will he say then…?
actually myself
before his incredible revelation of who he (thinks he) is
i was thinking
so this is my task too
with music and blogge and art and vegan rants
to help usher in this newtime
at the end of time
believe me somethings got to give
the maya were very enigmatic and canny people
if they say something will happen in 2012
i believe it possibly will
quetzlpinchbeck says
it will be a revolution of the heart
god i hope hes right
how amazing if it happens in my lifetime
quite frankly i was a little disappointed by the ending
im amazed at his sheer gall in coming to this conclusion
i admire his balls too
apparently this book is now a runaway best seller
well hes gonna be a rich scrawny little god at any rate
perhaps it is quetzalcoatl talking
nothing would surprise me..
perhaps danny succumbed to the delusions
of a drug ravaged mind
perhaps it seemed a good ending for his book
why not?
all of the above
which is quite possible
me myself
i am the god dionysus
come to earth bringing intoxication and ceremonial love
i usher in this age with my approaching new record
i am the reincarnation of dr john dee and dante and lancelot-du-lac
i weild music and words that cause your soul to remember
i am a door
i am a springboard
i am a clue
i am a dichotomy
i am both weak and strong
i am both right and wrong
i am the real deal
with my grey beard and eyes
i truly sing the body electrique
i have explored the inner realms
i have traveled this planet
my message is not for everyone
i have learned
i am learning
i have erred
i have fallen
i have made amends
i am back on track
i will deliver and be delivered
i will save and be saved
ladies and gentlemen
whoever may be out there
i am locked on
i can be thrown off
but i will never be shaken
i will persevere
i am the time being
my message is not for everyone
i am no leader
i am no schoolteacher
i am no boss or chief
i am an individual
i follow my own tortuous glorious path
i have known exultation and degradation
my band is called the church
because the music we play is from our souls
my prophecies are in my songs
numbers was my own confused transmission of 911
two years before it happened
i told ya the ice was melting down down down in 86
i told ya to travel by thought in 83
i told ya bout the empty place in 80
i told ya a lotta stuff that was just lyrics too
stuff that was just there for aesthetic reasons
you see
thats me
babblebabblegeniusbabble babble babblemoregenius babble
i gotta get that ratio looking better
still its better than most of the pure babble out there
you know what i can do
you know my failings
possibly chuckle at them
maybe they reflect your own failings
and it irks thee
no one is more human than me
i come complete with many faults and failings
it is my job to dismantle them
i got off to a slow start
i only jumped into real action a few years ago
in my late forties
late steve kilbey
early cos hes got nowhere else to go
i tell you this and i tell you true
i work hard on my creations
even though they come easily to me
i am unbelievably switched on
whatever the fuck that means
but go do yoga for five years straight
be vegan-ish
and explore your mind with mother nature
and you will be in a different place
than a flabby exjunkie drinking milk
eating horrible eggs and having no discipline
i look in the mirror and i see deep lines and old skin
i see my hair is thinner
my teeth are chipped and yellower
my beard becoming whiter and whiter
but i see the sharp ascetic features
of good old style prophet seer or sage too
out of my old faces
emerging a new visage
a kinder face
sadder wiser eyes
bigger smile
i am the time being
there is no other
i am uninfluenced by anyone or anything
i am an original
my creations will go on giving all your life
i am he who am the only one
my face is young and gold and silvery old
i move like a panther on tartex spread
i fulfill the ancient words
i am from nineveh
i am of the priest cast
confess everything to me
bishop still equals handjob
is it love that makes us rock?
mechanical bird of prey sing for your emperor
i am erskine
i am new man
i am the killer
i am the fool
i am nothing special
i am a conduit and a channel
i am a washed up popsinger no one remembers
i am my fathers son
i am steve fucking kilbey
the story goes on
you know who i ams
this is a new day
can any of us help
the maya prophecy
that 2012
will be a revolution of the heart
become a reality
and let the “good” guys
have a shot
at running things

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