posted on July 3, 2008 at 9:26 pm

chance rains down in little whims
attracting and repelling luck
like everything its relative
i hate a bad haircut says the whispy haired geezer
i’d love a bad haircut says the bald guy
i hate my stupid husband says the pretty wife
i’d love him thinks the plain old spinster
i hate broccoli says western brat
we will eat it say countless african children
i dont know who to envy
i cant read my luck anymore
i can decide if i’m lucky or not
i’m lucky to be alive
i’m lucky to be around still
i’m lucky i’m not crippled or misshapen
i’m lucky i can cope with this system
i’m lucky i grew up in a western land during times of peace
i’m lucky i grew up and was never persecuted or hunted
i’m lucky my parents were both good and kind to me
i’m lucky i was never abused or victimised
i’m lucky i squeezed a career out of something like music
i’m lucky i got to make records n tour the bloody world
im lucky to have a sweet wife and my own lovely children
i still got my mum
i got 2 brothers who are very nice
a pretty niece, 2 handsome nephews
enough friends to do me….im not that friendly really
i’d rather paint than sit n chat actually
the blokes in the church well theyre more than friends
and they are there for me and always have been…sorta
we all love/hate each other in varying degrees
people go in and out of favour
alliances formed
quarrels picked
things get resolved
me and tim
we hadda lotta arguments at the start
jesus we were going at it
he was right sometimes too
he used to prod us to continue to change and evolve
but in my lazy junky days
the last thing i wanted to do was to learn a new song
we were both unlucky to be in a band with an argumentative bastard
now we’re lucky cos we’ve got a style
we’ve got a modus operandi
i walked into tims studio last may
i had 2 short songs and that was it
start up the tape machine i said (although there was none)
i started playing the bass
tch tch tch went the click track
william called down the radiotronic spirits
tim at the controls
then he plays drums
i play ac. guitar
i play e guitar
tim chucks some mellotron
i chuck on some singing
bang quick as that
first takes mostly
written on the spot
they all turned into songs
yesterday i came home and nk was excited
she’d been alone at home and she had just listened to painkiller
for the 1st time
of course she’d heard individual songs
but this is the mastered put to gether real thing
ooh its got a chunky bite size sound
polinski if youre reading these words
you did good my old son
you made it big
im lucky to know these guys
i am i am iam
now nk was dancing and bopping
she had even made notes that i wasnt allowed to read
she has promised to review it on here but we shall see
nelg and g nunn have unmastered copies
they will be surprised to hear the lovely veneer mastering puts on
i think i am gonna use the vegetalista as the cover
i was lucky someone bought it
now they will be lucky maybe
because as an album cover the painting might go up in value
its the best painting ive ever done so far so thats a good reason
its quite alive
its quite writhing and rubbing
im lucky i persevered at painting
im lucky people supported my burgeoning paintings
im lucky i had a place to start doing it
think of all the van goghs sitting before their easels right now
painting masterpieces no one will ever see
think of all the great guitarists and drummers no one will ever hear
the actors dancers playwrights sculptors who never make it
its a capricious world out there
being good isnt always enough
better to be lucky than good
better to be lucky than anything actually
hey everyone deluging me with emails about coldplay
good luck to em
if they can take any elements of the church n make money from em…
go for it….we couldnt do it…you may as well
no i aint heard it yet
i dont really care if it is or isnt
everythings fair game
i rip people off in every note i play
and they were copying someone else
what about the stones ridiculous southern accents
and their re appropriation of the blues
what about david bowies complete steal from anthony newley
and dylan too
theres no pure originality
its all mixed up
why worry?
youre lucky to be reading this at all!

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