posted on January 3, 2009 at 9:24 pm

these words have i been bid to declare
as i struggle with this language
so long it has taken me

i am a nameless magician
i travel throughout and within
i move in tomorrow
some call me helio-ixx
some call me drink
i come when i am called
i have been called
by preparation
by austerities
by dint of will
by saint peter
summoned here here here
let me then tell you of lemuria
i was there yesterday only yesterday only only only
oh lemuria a magickal land
only i
only i
with the keys to some kingdom
saint peter has called me
san pedro maybe he is really called
but my language is pre spanish
buy a million miles
everything is possible
brigadoon in south america
i jump from place to place
i am something between monkey and jaguar
i move through smooth space
like an arrow
i bring it all together
i fall in the future
the power is mine to take
i am here now
as you are my witness
does that name ring a bell
ding dong ding dang dong
i am here
i live on sweet milk and fruit
i move through treetops
with my female consort
whom i ravish throughout the ages
i am inside the trees
inside inside inside
in the most inside
i am further inside
of the most outside
i am further outside
power flows through me
i am almost nothing
i am emptiness
i pure alert
i harness night
i surprise myself, saint peter
to find i am the real deal
real deal
deal real
i deal out the deadmans hand
given under my hand
given under the law
magic magic magic
the choking jungle
the lovely jungle
the flowers
the birds
i meet mescalito
i am a mayan
i am among my friends
here i am at home in the real lemuria
imagine if it was no joke
the truth
this thing is so huge
and no one has a handle on it
mescalito fucking hugged me man
and said welcome i been waiting for you
this is all yours
you have come home
home to lemuria
and your jungle
abra cadabra

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