posted on November 29, 2011 at 5:53 pm

cain co


life somewhere else

at last

complex wistful violent muted hopeful spiritual arcane modern

melodic involved fragile weird quiet dirty clean

life somewhere else

a huge sweeping beginning with

the privateer

drunk on pink gin and the old yellow stars

the album begins with a voyage

a sojourn in strange waters

a rollicking rolling number

and  from there it careens from song to song

finally finishing up with

you will remain

a song for greg slay

isidore drummer who passed away a few years back

oh no you are not slain, you will remain!

to say too much more is to spoil things

its coming soon ( early next year)i guess


note to SKPers

your copy will be sent out in the coming days

each copy will be signed

love on ya



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