posted on July 2, 2010 at 9:15 am

steve “killer” kilbey /jeffrey “caino” cain
a real dynamic duo
hidden away in sunnyhurst bondi
making izzy-door 2
caino has not failed to come up with the goods
as you might expect a load of subtle tricky elusive yet familiar music
a worthy successor to our brilliant first album only more brilliant natch
i’m very excited
the words are flowing out unto me from the universes
from the cosmic subconscious
from the eternal well of art and groovy things
caino manning the computer manipulating the data
killer behind the mike (as it should be)
this music inspires the words that i would elsewise never have written
of course i am filming the whole thing (kip!)
and it will be available on my coming mega-site
the making of isidore 2 (yet to be titled!)
wow! im excited i’m valve bouncing
we’re both on a roll here
this is the stuff you been waiting for folks
this is the good shit that’ll (gregory) slay ya!
nice work caino youve done very very well
ooh what a beauty
another great record coming down the line atcha
in spades baby in spades
and in hearts too…..

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