posted on January 15, 2015 at 12:23 am
shadows of nights

shadows of nights

imagine the amniotic universal fluid

holding everything in its courses

planets all spinning and moving and turning

everything racing forward with everything else

we are not where we were 5 years ago my friends

those cosmic rays have filled my head with their blaze

the stars are not fixed

feel us hurtle along

careening into song


i float through seaside night a white film

my senses dimmed i saw the moon rimmed by the sea

i saw the gardens miraculous in crimson green

i feel the tide change down by the shore

i am now alone more and i paw the air

i take off my clothes and slunk through a dark

the memories of these roads cloaks me in its glow

the refrain from the drains as if singing swollen with the rains


at the cafe today i realise with dismay i’m already losing my way

like a moebius strip my mind was ripped and reassembled with a twist

my skull which contains everything withins its corridors

decorated with eyes and mouths the fetish at the crossroads of Desire

i remain at the entrance tapping a wire

Sycorax the witch seized me by the chin and she look in

good boy… she says with her  sexy old grin

and then

good boy..!








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