posted on May 29, 2006 at 11:05 am

allo mary poppinss
good morning fiendss
wherever you may roam
here i am in my hotel foyer in london
blogging for thee instead of seeing buckingham palace
or madam twoswords
or whatever all those tourists flock here for…
im here
writing this missive to ya
in bayswater, opposite hyde park
and sydney fiendss
londons hyde park is a lot lot bigger n better than
its antipodean namesake
when i finish here
im gonna have a strolly wolly in the parky warky
ive been up early doing extra extra chi gong n yoga
to try n get my velvet sonorous voice back
and trade in this wheezey olde croak
i been listening to dasi by karnamrita “prayers by women to krishna”
its a kind of western take on some beautiful hindu sanskrit prayers
sri krsna hari murari
hey nath narayana vasudeva
syllables charged with deep magic before the dawn of time
(hey jaime r will understand)
guitars sitars flutes tablas
oh yes, very inspirational

oh yeah
they say im a nice bunch of guys
and maybe theres some truth in it
i never know who im gonna be when i wake up
i know i said some rude things about the motherland yesterday
im sorry i was a little despondant
i aint ever levelling these rants against the amazing buncha
churchites that have been loyal since the word go
i hope you n they realise that
i just wanted it to be as good as it has been lately
didnae wanna fly all the way
just to play a crummy gig
cos i wanna give ya the best

marty just told me chris squire from yes may be coming tonite
one of THE greatest bass players ever
i still listen to the stuff he did 30 years ago
and my jaw drops
man…i wanna meet that druid

dunno how my voice is gonna hold up tonite
2 shows is gonna be pushing it
fiendss youll be proud of me when i tell ya
that i refrained from smoking anything yessaday
at all
trying to save mah larynx
wanna hit the notes etc etc

i cant even remember the last time we played 2 shows on one night..
can we even do it?
fuck, i hope so
or we’re gonna look bloody silly

here i am in england
talking with my australian accent
except when i meet an australian
then i talk with my english accent

i dont know who i am
i dont know what im sposed to be
a sinner and a would be saint
i just wanna heal everybody
with my music
but im still olde ugly and grumpy
im sorry if you find it frustrating
i do too
i thought i mighta known who im sposed to be by now
im just an actor
everything is a performance
playing our parts
coming in
and dropping out
creating n destroying
today i feel so close to my god
the beautiful lord vishnu
i guess cozza all that yoga i just did
but i still could meet ya tonite
and youll walk away and say
whatta cunt that kilbee izz
remember if you catch me before i play
im too distracted to talk
if ya catch me after
im too exhausted
music is my anaesthetic
its my spell
its my coma
when i play i go somewhere else
and its hard to come back down to earth
and chat about whats been happning in yer life
i cant just switch this on or off anymore
this things coming thru us
and it fucking knackers mee out
so watch out if i dont make with the small talk
im not a good party animal fiendss
im not a good mixer
im not a social type
if ya wanna talk to me
talk to me about narnia or troy
or the mahabharata
or marc bolan
or vegan food
otherwise im not much chop
i know a lot about a few things
and almost nothing about anything else
my poor olde dad despaired about my mechanical abilities(non existent)
so idunno
apologising in advance for my inadequate conversation
if i meet ya tonite
its all me, me , me
on here, isnt it?
im a self obsessed egotistical narcissistic prick
but i can rock a little too
is it love
is it love
is it love
that makes us rock?

ok fiendss
im gonna leave ya here
think of me
sitting here in the columbia hotel
opposite hyde park
watching the green leaves move in the cold breeze
its a bank holiday
its very quiet
london aint so badde, guv’nor
i take it all back
im ready to be inglish again
my mum n dad are fucking cockneys fer god sake
im english thru n thru
im just a little confused
thats all
i need a little lie down and a rest
i need a months holiday in budapest
i need to see my lovely wife n my kiddiwinks
i need love
see ya tonite
hope the voicebox holds out
i love ya

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