posted on December 28, 2014 at 9:19 pm
dizzy spell

dizzy spell

she said its the same night over and over

the colours oh everything

everything is the same

soft sea croon breeze purrs like an a/c unit

the fridge starts up again it runs too cold

it releases noble gases that drift up to the very stars

the strip light throb of my old life leaves me aching and quaking

under these majestic palms which sway along the ocean way

i was running for a bus that never came carrying my guitar

i was jostling in a fish and chip shop trying to find some salt

suddenly i was among the throng where my song was extinguished

in anguish i fled to a room i had taken

on sullen evenings they all ignore me

alone as a child alone as a man

the mirror is full of pits and dents

the awnings over the shops gently rocked by summers zephyrs

the sound of the surf sublimated in traffic

the automatic transmission of day into day

the relativity of goody good and naughty evil

neon night weighed against the unlaid day

i am a white old blues man only i do not sing the blues

the days that intervene do so of their own accord

but the night has returned the same

with  a reddish quality to it

with a worn out familiar slipper feeling the same night again

on a jetty someone caught a little monster in the dark

the blue sirens saturate my frame changing the game

the same kids with the same fucking tattoos

the cigarette the same bottle of booze

my eyes wander over a desert of talent in awe

seems i been thru all this before and




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