posted on November 17, 2006 at 8:10 pm

dear people
i am delighted n overwhelmed by yer response
of course
as usual
there is a huge silent majority
i mean 6 7 hundred of ya
who read n read n dont say nothing
and that is fine by me
the readers job is not necessarily to interact with writer
although this medium makes it possible..
there have been some very pithy n flattering comments
a few pertinent questions
and i guess this is the book keeping side of this blogge
to take care of this kinda thing
(or if ya like
i could be a loof
and never aknowledge nothin’
…if ya like…)
anyway im just gonna fire off things at random
probably get it all wrong
and i cant be bothered flipping back n forth
between things
to get all ya names right
and quotes exact
so keep yer knickers on if things arent quite as is
1st of all
my dear reader mr p savant
oh savant
i did so much like your image better
with the longer hair n sunglasses
it seems youve left your “pop” image behind
and now something in a more mature style
(a la lennon plastic ono era)
i do enjoy your comments you cynical lil shiny-bum
and yes dear bouy
there will be more exposees on the dept of primary industry
circa early seventies, canberra a.c. fucking t.
the waste, the card games, the greasy suited bigwig gooseballs
the tea bloody breaks, the flexi-time, the late mornings in
n early afternoons out
the taxpayer funded avos at gusses
smoking pot in my car in the carpark
flicking straightened out paperclips with thick rubber bands
(i was deadly accurate and it hurt!!)
drawing cartoons of the bosses
wait a minute….!
i just told it!!!
nah theres heapsmore if ya wannit
i must also talk to the person
who says that i do make more than a clerk
lets wager
i will wager ya a thousand dollars that i am on the poverty line
if you put yer money up
i will too
say a disinterested party on here
theres a few ya could trust
(and a few ya couldnt)
i’ll fax ya my tax return
you check it out
find out what yer basic clerk gets here in aust
if i aint fucking below that
ya keep my thousand
if i am
i keep yours
facts about the music biz
you may not be aware of
1 most musicians other than the real biggies
are broke
you say we have 190 titles registered with bmi
i bought a 190 tickets in the lottery too
so what?
most of our records are deleted or unobtainable
we will never receive any moneys from arista
because we were in such a huge hole with tour support
videos n studio
not only that
but we will never find out how much we owe
until we stop oweing
you know about my rotten publishing deal
and their scams to keep me parted from my money
when we tour we usually break even
i mean we aint playin the fucking megadome…
anyway you got recording costs, agents, managers
flights, accom,taxis, rentalcars,roadcrew,advertising,
blah blah blah
i tell ya the average guy ya see playin’
at the place down the road..
he aint raking in any big dough
yeah he got the “glamour”
but hes usually getting less than the roadies
(the church always were/do!)
i had a couple of biggish advances a long long time ago
but as i said
i was a junky ten years
i moved countries 3 times
and then took some real bad investment advice
n lost the lot
arrive back in aust 02 virtually penniless
(tears, wailing, gnashing of teeth)
a lot of it i did to myself
so ya cant really feel sorry for me…
anyway your comment was doubly stupid
because as paulc pointed out
any book record film picture photo ballet sculpture tv show
you paying for someone elses thoughts, sunshine
and a blogge is just a new way of presenting thoughts
i was in melbourne sometimes this year
and i met my dear n handsome friend donald b
n he says ya know nevets
yer music n al the rest is ok
but what yer really good at
what you were born to do is blogge..!
and then he waited
maybe slightly apprehensive that
i may have taken some offence to this obsyvation
but no
it was true
i am born to blogge
if only if only if only
this medium had been around all those years ago
i mean its like being a bass guitarist
but only finding yer first bass at age 51…
i only been at it a year
im learning..
im actually sorry
n embarrassed that i hadda ask ya for some moolah here
i wanted to do it fer nothing
i didnt know itd take so much time….
but the blogge comes from wherever the songs come from
and i dont really see the difference
yer happy to pay for songs aint ya?
as i said
if you think im livin’ it fuckin’ large
in a mansion on the hill
and just greedily trying to rake in some extra gravy
to pay off nks beemer suv
and the new summer house…… HA!
but i tell ya what too
n i promise ya all this
if, i doo
get an unexpected windfall
i’ll immediately take the paypal away
i didnt envisage donators being mentioned anywhere
nor did i envisage free cds, or cash going to po boxes
it ll be a paypal
if ya cant do it
if ya can thanks
if ya dont wanna
just read it then with my blessings
maybe another way
is to pay after you read a good blogge you liked
you could reward me with a 15 cents deposit
for my efforts to amuse you
i will however be starting to post some pics
a spoken blogg may be a possibility
so i will be thinking of ways
to make our blogge grow n evolve
until you get complete satisfaction
(but never)
complete repayment of yer 15 cents..
so there ya go..
thats the being for 2day
im gonna take em to “paddateen” market as evie calls it
im gonna have a swimmy n take yon doodles too
im gonna do poached pears fer brekky
im gonna complete dakini in bondi
im gonna think of the other 2 hundred things
im sposed/promised to do
im gonna smoke a bone n strike pose
im gonna reflect on the kind things mr b bon
that lover of the box n silence
said about me
and the guy who said all that stuff but said i had a fool too
druid, ya think i dont already know that?
but the other stuff was nice and thanks
all of ya who pledged yer belief
im very relieved by yer pozzitif responses
ya coulda all said no
and thanks
for bothering
to comfort
white bearded
washed up n broke
pot addicted
i’ll be back tomorrow with ‘tude

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