posted on April 24, 2006 at 12:07 am

monday morning fiendsss
snap to it
get in yer carr
drive to work
etc etc etc
ya know how i told ya i never werked
a day in my life…?
that doesnt mean i didnae have a job
yep i hadda job
in the public service
but i didnae work…
if only the real workers knew..
the guys in the factories
the policemen
the firemen
the truckies
the tradies
the bus drivers…

there is this vast body of pseuds
who turn up at their office every day
nothing really to do
nothing that matters anyway
i know cos i was there
i avoided doing any work
and so did most of the rest
public fucking servants
sittin around reading the gazette
cheating on their flexitime
having an extra day off every fortnight
travel leave
blah blah blah leave
this lurk
that perk
if only they knew how easy these loafers got it
cmon lets have both barrels of yer vitriol
all you shiny bums sitting on yer fat asses
in some office block in canberra
dont come the raw prawn with me
i know you jerks are goofing off round the water cooler
having extended tea breaks
having 2 hour lunch times
borrowing the govt car to do yer shopping
and not just canberra
great legions of public servants
who knows what they do?
who cares?
i tell ya what fiendiess
i wassa a pub lick servant for nearly 5 years
tween the age of 19 to 24
believe me
yer average rockah does ten times the werk
of these lazy fat cats
embedded in the system
ya cant cant sack em
once theyre in
theyre like cold sores
ya cant kill em off
they just hang around
sucking on the system
they wanted to sack me
i was the laziest
i was the most rabble rousing layabout
i got there the latest
i went home the earliest
i spent my time and the govts money
writing poetry n lyrics
going out to hit the coffee shops
and import record shops
i flaunted my hedonistic snotty nosed attitude
and they couldnt even sack me
i smoked fuckin dope in the toilets
they still couldnt axe me…
just like politicians
theyve feathered their own little nests
empire building
getting more chairs n desks
filling in forms to order more staples n bulldog clips
making calls overseas w/ yer money
lookin at porno on govt computers
boozy friday lunchtimes
what a lazy corrupt buncha rogues
dont try and kid us any of ya are doing anything useful
you could sack 2 thirds of em
and theyd still be overstaffed
public servants
ha ha ha

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