posted on November 14, 2007 at 6:02 am

as i entered the sweet unknown today
i thought about you
and all the different ways you are
i thought yoga must exist to chase the old insults
from where they hide
in all unopened spaces in our body
i thought about how we will all seem heathens
one thousand years thence
how great civilisations pass away into nothing
as vishnu blinks his eye
and the snake
at the base of the tree
coiling up the trunk
wriggle by wriggle
there will be temptation
this time it will be overcome
warm power flowing up into me
the white cosmic light
a spear in the fontanelle
the air is a liquid plastic mass of energy
oh yes it all seems so obvious now
the easy easy way
as you reach upwards
you become lighter
you think deeply
you cease thinking
more warm power
a body of light
you are light and you are light
no weight
no wait
like instruments in a symphony
we intertwine and separate
we harmonise we emphasise
your piccolo lips emitting tiny sonar blips
your clash of symbols
your crescendoes which are deathening
your codas and slight returns
your outro which leaves me hanging
and my sudden changes of time
and my impulsive stabs
yes and im a real pitta
i look in the mirror and im red
my eyes are huge black wholes
my eyes see right through me
i am fiery
i am angry
i am creative
the fire burns me good
the fire burns me bad
i have cultivated fire
i am pitta pattern
my nature seems to scorch and scald
i stoke the fires and everything else just comes
i laugh at my years
i seize the day by the throat
and i wring its temporary neck
now the fire is rekindled
i am not what i was
you can change
you can change!
you are not stuck with that old you
the snake sheds its skin
turns over a new leaf
ignites its past
steps forth legless
and ascends
i should leave the fire alone
i have always been a firebug
though i hate to get burned
i should wait till im cool again
although in both senses
that may be never
i love this energy now made available
i am becoming and becoming more myself
open a door
open adore
if this disinterests you
then so too magic
watch this space
space this watch
now im gonna make some guacamole

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