posted on January 7, 2010 at 8:05 am

from the sanskrit avatara
to descend into
specifically the lord vishnu
only vishnu has avatars
vishnu descending into flesh
to experience life here
vishnu as krishna
vishnu as buddha
like jesus in many ways
one name for krishna is krista
the glorious one
the anointed one
the one with every attribute in spades
what we have here
is an ultra-classic myth
only being slightly retold
its basically pocahontas in space
a white guy goes to wild new land
meets chief of locals daughter
who teaches him how to get down with nature
then white guy has inner turmoil
as his white pals wanna war with the locals
n vice versa
ye olde hero gets torn between these 2 worlds
theres a lotta room for friction in there
no surprises anywhere along the line
the music : for crying out loud
if youre on a wild weird planet covered in perpetual jungle
let the music represent that
not the same old stiff upper lip pseudo -mock- classical pomp
the same old starwars crossed with titanic
no lady there are no celtic pipes on fantabulous planets
they got their own weird music
for me anyway
do people really still say stuff like
youre not only one with a gun, bitch
in 200 years time?
do the tough scientist women still puff on ciggies?
other than that
i dont think this qualifies as a special cinematic milestone
the 3D made nk so ill she left about a third in
aurora stuck it out but without her glasses
me n evie n elli escaped unscathed apparently
but i could see there were plenty of people leaving in a hurry
the special effects themselves are pretty good
not totally unbelievable brilliant
but you know good
ok good is good
on another level
i enjoyed the film
you knew from the start exactly what would happen
but it didnt matter
a classic storyline
you wanted n demanded a happy ending
a few cliffhanger moments
but the hero n heroine get through
on one level i like it
on another level i’m dissatisfied
on another level…what do ya bloody expect
evie loved it
aurora was kinda feeling a bit sick
elli was already dialling up her next appointment
on her mobile phone
me….yeah…i’m glad i saw it
i dont wanna see it again
better than a loada other films tho no doubt

bad news : already smashed a mirror on tibor 2
i side swiped something in a narrow street
oh god

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