posted on June 15, 2007 at 9:29 pm

killer /prospero wakes early
its saturday morning
the storm has returned in spades
the females all sleep on
miranda at a rock festival in sweden
elli in the country house in sweden
eve n aurora cuddle up in their darkened room here
aurora loves rabbits squirrels n chipmunks
an olde friend suzanne comes over for dinner
out of the blue
i say to suzanne
what kind of animal do you think aurora is
without missing a beat
she laughs and says oh a bunny!
the whole family has a good laugh
even scarlet who doesnt know exactly why
but she enjoys a giggle so what the hell…
i suggest we recreate the mad hatters tea party scene
evie as the hatter…shes as nutty as a fruitcake
plus the hat would look good on her curls
aurora is a shoe-in for the march hare
if we can get her long pigtails to stand up straight
her front teeth are big n white
and she has the slightly reticent manner of a rabbit
her skin is impossibly tawny and her hair is blonde
a palomino rabbit
scarlet is definitely the dor-mouse
didja know lewis carroll saw a wombat
at his friends house who was a oxford zoologist
to him it looked like a giant sleeping mouse
and they are nocturnal beasts so it woulda been sleeping
the days carroll dropped by
anyway scarlet could be that sleepy silly dormouse easy
nk would be alice of course……
(hmmm…actually how appropriate)
of course im that olde caterpillar with that hookah-pipe
stoned n supercilious
hopefully turning into a fuckin’ butterfly soon
like in that episode of doctor who
where these people start to get these mutations
the others cast em out
but theyre turning into the next stage of life
becoming something new n marvellous
but the ones who havent changed yet
well, they villify those in transition
and it reminds of me
of something some “wag” on the comments section wrote yessaday
if we all gave up meat the world would somehow miraculously change
mister, i believe it would…
so there you go
even “wags” come up with the occaisional profound thing
not that ive any thing against “wags”
but he was saying it facetiously
while it is actually the troof
last nite watched fast food nation
an american film
i tell ya if ya still fancy a hamburger
slip this on at dinnertime
itll go down a treat
as yer burgers coming back up
dont ya love a little faecal content in yer mince meat?
lovely scenes in the slaughterhouse
oh thats humanity at its finest
up to its knees in some poor beasts blood n shit
the end result being some disgusting “pattie”
full of …..what?
full of what?
everything , my little pigs
full of everything
everything you can imagine
and some poor bloated ignorant sucker
shovels it down his or hers gullet
and it makes em so sick in their belly
in their soul
in their heart
you just cannot believe it
and we will be judged most harshly by future generations
im not getting off this soapbox
so ridicule me if ya want
but the jokes really on the carni-vores
except that the joke aint funny….
the storm is raging n roaring outside
the kids all have gotten up
which makes it harder to concentrate
so im gonna disappear here
into this angry violent storm
which is lashing this town
and all its people

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