posted on February 1, 2008 at 2:45 am

and her father
walking through the dawn rain
walking through the soft soft rain
grey day by the mighty ocean
yellow sand
green trees and black rocks
the ocean roils and foams
the clouds discharge distant sheets of lightning
thunder crackles and booms
the rain is warm for it is in the summertime
in the dreamy summertime the man and his daughter
in the early morning by the darkening waves
the wine dark sea indeed
he can see it now
and miranda….
a young lady
with her strangely accented speech
with her tanned skin
her sardonic smile
willowy and graceful
a childe-woman
a babe a girl a siren
she looks like the queen of diamonds
her father
the exile
the elder brother
fallen from grace
cast into the sea of nescience
adrift these ten long years
come to this island now his home
fallen on hard times
he still pursues his arts
he is neither tall nor small
a medium man in most regards
a white beard
suntanned like the girl
lines around his eyes
as he squints into the dazzling gloom
the man and the girl walk on beside the sea
on and on at dawn
beside that vast ocean that encircled the world
debris washed up on the shore
gulls cry above up in the light
and the man talks to his daughter
though he thinks she seldom listens
miranda he says through the softest rain
and she turns her head slowly
a look of perpetual surprise
a diguise flees across her face
yes what is it she says
did you hear what i said he says
yes i did she says
tell me then tell me what i said
but no no she shakes her head
on this island of spirits and monsters
with its voices
with its indications
miranda the graceful one
nervous like a young doe
troubled like a poetess
preoccupied with nothing in particular
oh i want to be a childe again she says
you are still a childe says her father
enjoy it while it lasts
no not this she says
let me be a real childe or let me be a woman
not this in between…
they walked on in silence until they came to a hill
as they climbed the winding path
the nimbus clouds quaked and spewed lightning
the gulls and gannets dived in the silver waves for fish
the wind carried seaspray
the world began to white out
the man and his daughter swam in the water
in a pool they dipped under the surface
saw the rain strike the seas ceiling from above
and under in the warm water
small particles drifted flashing gold
when they climbed out
the drizzle had cleared
a milky sun caressed the clouds
a ship on the horizon ?
no ship
the father smiled
the daughter frowned
thought the father
magic everywhere….
everything bathed in soft warm light
very nice

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