posted on September 9, 2007 at 8:50 pm

now its over
all the stuff gets put away
pack up my unsold merch
say goodbye to the people
lastnite i catch up with bronny l.
who i used to go to school with at bullyneham high
i 1st met her in 1965
bronny was in our legendary debating team
she knew me as a mere boy
then a snakehipped teenage idol/idiot
now finally as a wise old silly fool
so nice to reminisce
bronny is now a prof in academia
oh bronny cant you get me a gig in them hallowed halls
the ivied towers of learning with certain weekly paycheck
last night i do ramble n provvy-dents with jamie h
he did a nice job considering we rehearsed for 5 minuets own-lee
then i play wolfe….
strangely as im up here hanging out with bronny
nk tells me that scarlet was in my room
going thru my drawers
then she comes out with a business card
whats that ?asks nk
bumper proffers her the card
bronwen l: lecturer in womens writing , uni of q
i mean
what were the chances of that happ-ning?
if not chance…
what does it signify?
i did a portrait of mr gee nunn
as his parting gift from qpf……he,
who is more dedicated to poetry
than most are dedicated to hot dinners
hes retiring as herr directeur this year
i wonder if theyll ever have back me now?
gee nunn you are a truly wonderful geezer
your g.friend jules is a legend with a great hare cut
rowan d, jovial lovely friend of the arts
jaqueline t from canada, gracious poetess
jamie n erin h, you guys rule the waives
imber n megan for being so nice n for being vegans 4 ever
wil-o who looks younger than hes got a right to
and exudes calm goodwill-o
all the poets n audiences
isolde who i met n who wrote those nice reviews
gen x , whos said she hears im still handsome(very kind)
the tech staff
the lady who made me a lentil patty at the cafe
tyrone n, rockstar in flesh n thought
special mention to raspberry speed
(yes it exists)
my new fave energy drink
nickfiction eat yer heart out cos raspberry speed
puts fucking hairs on yer chest
(not recommended for the ladies)
thanks to my mum n dad
for making me possible
and finally to god
without whom
i would not be the incredibly gifted n charismatic tee beeing
that you all worship
and would hide from the law in a second
thank you
the partys over
back to my loverly fambley
that enchanted childe with the real gone eyes
the starr with her strength n her talent
aurora the bunny-o who is my kindest daughter
elli who is sweet sixteen n a chip off the olde blokk
minna my number 1 n very tricky
nk who keeps me turned on
blessed with my six girls
the being fades into the airport
finds his seat
flies flies flies

fiendss everywhere
i love you


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