posted on June 27, 2008 at 10:18 pm

here i am
arent i ?
is this me….at last
can you see the real me
can ya
can ya?
hmmm ok
youre probably tired of all that other stuff by now
so alright
lets go
across my desk this week

1. i finished a most excellent book sent me by one of my
oldest and strangest friends marcus ‘udson who now abodes
in sunny old sweden near the norf pole
the book was called ” the scar” by china meiville (a bloke)
it was incredibly well imagined bizarre fiction
about a floating conglomerate of pirate ships
in some other earthlike world full of humans
and cray-humans and insectoid things and
amphibious monsters and a thing called an avanc
a transdimensional leviathan that these pirates
hook their fleet up to and lots of intrigue double crossing
and nasty tricks
the book before this one “perdito street station”
is also an absolute 5 star corker as well…

2. friendly fiend roscoe be gave me a book at the vegan do
its called the origins of man and the universe
by an australian mystic barry long
to tell you the truth
i didnt like the look of it
i didnt think i’d like it or agree with it
it was given to barry long
the way my blog is given to me
thats right
it just tumbled out of his head
after a lot of spiritual searching etc naturally
i mean
he wasnt a steak gulping booze artist
bashing his missus n having a fiver on the neddies
and then one day this book fell out of his scone..
no no
i guess he spent a lotta time thinking about this
tapping in
your humble being starts reading a bit and blow me down
barry long is writing so many things the olde sk been saying too
tired of the 2 stupid choices given to us concerning our origins
eg old testament or new science
long posits a third explanation
which satisfies me spiritually and intellectually
incorporating elements of darwin and religion
yet avoiding the superstition of the latter
and the “soulessness” of science
long does all this in a calm easy to understand way
he states brilliant things and moves on
i was amazed to find so many of my own inchoate thoughts
addressed by long in this book
and cst coach you would be interested in the stuff
about how we were once unselfconscious animals
joined into the intangible net of all things
like all the other creatures still are
thats why you never see a cat miss a jump
and how a seabird can plummet a thousand feet
from the sky and shoot like an arrow through the water
and nail a fish 6 inches long 20 feet down
every bird can do that
they hardly ever miss
a ha
to become self conscious we moved out of that net
we became outside it
well a real evolved man can still tap in
through yoga
martial arts
long constantly repeats the paradox
of the martial artist able to kill with one small move
who would immediately lose that power should he ever use it
there are superpowers available
but by the time you got em
you dont wanna use em
you have accepted that consciousness
existed before matter
created and descended into matter
and is fulfilling a “purpose” none of us can truly know
just like there is no one man on earth understands
all the workings of a boeing 747
too many systems
too many parts
the designers and mechanics only know compartmentalised bits
so too this earth and universe and creation
we all only know or realise our own bits…
we can only really guess at the whole purpose
i highly recommend this work
if you, like me
if you like me
and you think adam n eve is a great story
but quite frankly it obviously aint how things got started
but you also realise that evolution does not explain
this blooming paradise adequately
its only an aspect of the “truth”
we are not random blobs evolved out of chemical soup
there was consciousness behind this
there always was
and our consciousness will never disappear
just like krishna said…
neither are we original sinners
prejudged by some cranky old tent-god
doomed to eternity in hell or purgatory
cos we didnt believe in some unlikely malarkey
heres a third possibility

3 off on the plane this arvo
off to rehearals and all the rest of it
im not s’posed to let the cat outta the bag
so im staying shtumm
rehearsed yesterday and sounded good
i am performing with 2 different acts
wow! will be exciting
will give ya the inside goss too
as long as its not still secret…
ooh lots of celebs and music biz boozers to bag
sir dennis eton-hogg and the like
big time operators and fast talkin’ flunkies
drummers n singers n engine ears
stayed tuned people

over n out

the time killer

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