posted on December 3, 2006 at 7:52 pm

good mourning fiendss n fiendettess
thank you to my subscribers
i appreciate your continued financial support
well its monday , isnt it?
i got so much on…
finish mixing el mo 2 monday n tuesday
wednesday night katoomba gig with mwp
thursday tv show interview
friday rehearse 2 man play(opening bondi jan12)
saturday or sun ..record tribute track for grant record
monday clean up spare room …a mammoth task
tuesday twilliepops arrive
and muffler now completely obnoxious
must see midas the muffler king
greedy fiendss write in
tell us about heyday
tell us about mats
slow down fiendss
ive spoiled ya by giving ya 2 much 2 soon
landsakes, we gotta stretch this out
make the stories last…..its a long journey
pace ourselves
i promise you this
everything will be revealed
when this process is over
youll know everything
continue to have a track on #1 album this week in aust
craig obey vs the cherch
hear them cents tricklin’ in to my cavernously empty account
aint it funny
you take the 1st verse of an olde song
ya put doof doof doof
ya got a new song
ya in the charts n evvything
is that all it takes
will anyone ever do a new version of obeys version
so its roger kaputnick vs craig obey vs the cherch
a tag team number
its obey , hes twisting the cherchs first verse
oh thats gotta hurt
but whats this…?!
kaputnicks got obey by his doof doofs
hes applying pressure to his crotchet
the cherch are on the ropes
kaputnick does his atomic drop
hes gonna diss obey….
he aint gonna be doing no remixing for a while…
silly aint it fiendss….
that still leaves me here
and feeling tired just contemplating it all
i ve run out of goji juice too
nk n doodles + bumper
bought xmas decorations yessaday
and it seems only a matter of time
before the hall is decked with boughs of holly
and baby bumper is wearing tinsel n icicles
quite frankly i hate xmas decos…bah humbug
whats it gotta do with baby jesus
who is santa n the grinches love child
who was born to set free frosty the snowman
and the magic xmas tree who was pining away
until the 3 wise guys brought their chrissie pressies
and he said bugger the frankinswhatsis n the mer
gimme the gold ,baybee
and what did the verging mary spend all that gold on..?
a copy of craig obey vs the cherch?
and joseph
he bought marys story, did he?
and what did he get for christmas?
more fucking aftershave?
and donna n blitzen n rudolph the red nosed
landing on the roof
waking up kelly next door
and she comes out
and starts abusing santa
there you fucking are…you red clad sorry son of a bitch!
think you can drop down a girls chimney
give her a present
then piss off fer a year, do ya?
and keep ya bloody reindeers of the hydrangeas
well i gotta surprise for you claus…
(sound of struggling)
“no kelly, dont empty the red sack…
aw hell kelly, all the childrens presents……all ruined!”
now piss off to maroubra, you yuletide wanker
“no, kelly, dont kick my sleigh…aw please
aw kelly now the bells dont jingle….”

xmas in aust is a joke anyway
its hot
its unxmassy
its a heathen hedonistic excuse to drink beer
n lie on a beach
i aint giving no presence to no one
except kids
so dont hang around yer po box waiting for my gift, ebenezer!

last nite saw a very good show on peter cook n dudley moore
about their partnership n split
i dreampt about it
and was glad when i woke up
brilliant comedians those 2 boys
try n see bedazzled
thats the film they based that awful one with liz hurl-lee
n bend-on phraser on

i guess thats it my fiendss
its 20 to 8 in morning
doodles are up n drawing
the weather is iffy
must swim
do something bout my muffler
get in studio

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