posted on January 25, 2009 at 8:12 pm

dont come here looking for answers
i am quite patently mad
my parallel universes are leaking
vishnu swirls it all around
the walls and barriers have collapsed
everything is on
everything happens at once
i got it in spades
i’m sitting in the park with kathy my twin sister
well she looks like elektra my daughter
only shes taller i guess
and shes dressed like them biblical n ancient women
and shes saying steven why did you let me fade in your world…?
and i’m saying oh kathy…
when david neil and ricky turn up
and ricky looks like my dad when he was young
and david neil looks tired
and david says
i been talking to ricky about my album, man…
ricky says: wait till ya hear this stuff, man…
and ricky says : hey kathy….how you doing…?
and kathy says: ooh its our mister ricky….
and david neil says : i didnt know you hadda sister, man
and he says : hi , my names david….
and kathy giggles
and she says: oh i know who you are…..
and ricky plonks himself down and he starts rambling
hes talking about a show he saw
but i aint listening
i’m watching david chatting up kathy
and i’m getting real real angry as they sit there laughing
and davids saying did you hear these guys are rereleasing my stuff….?
and kathys saying i bought the wilderness years for my brothers birthday
when we were sixteen……
and david says hey far out are you identical twins?
and kathys explaining all the different types of twins to david
and rickys telling me about this guitar hes gonna buy
and then ricky leans in low n says
man theres been a lot of print-thru today…..
i say what do you mean, hombre?
he looks up at the darkening sky
you know…the parallels….bleeding in to us here…
do you really believe in that stuff? i ask
whoah man…aint that david neil…hes dead!
and steve….kathys not supposed to be here….ricki hisses
i say fuck!
david neil and kathy stand up
we’re gonna get a drink he says
oh yeah ?….i say standing up
ricky says ooh take it easy n slightly restraining my arm
i shake it off angrily
i take kathy aside
dont go n drink with him!
she stares back
a female version of me
or am i
a parallel male version of her?
she was born 13 minutes after me
i have always tried to boss her around
i have always competed with her for dads affection
i have done things to get her into trouble
i have been rude and stupid and aloof
she stares back at me furious
i dont even exist in your world
and you dare to tell me who i can drink with…!?
david neil sticks his nose in
whats the problem here my man?
no fucking problem man…
we start pushing each other
you canadian prick….
you fuckin’ wanna piece of me..?
get yer fucking coat off then….
ricky jumps up
whoa hey hey slow down
he gently takes neil outta my face
kathy shakes her head
steven, he’d have you for breakfast…dont be stupid…
kathy i say
dont fuck david neil!
we stand there facing off
the same height
the same eyes
the same intensity
steven she says
you got some fucking nerve…
and then she smiles
and she looks just a photo i saw of her once
and she tries to embrace me
but i’m pushing her away
no no no
and david neil says :kathy, you comin’?
and its night now properly
and peacocks stroll through the park
and genetically modified unicorns
and lovely little water dragons
and graceful striped swans
and mythological chimeras
and dwarves dressed in satin finery
and marc bolan comes out of a big hollow tree
and dad appears out of nowhere
dont tell me you 2 are at it again?
and he looks at kathy with favour
and me with disfavour
ricky says is that your dad?
and kathy says
dad this is ricky n this is david
and dad says david neil?
david says yeah
and dad sings a few bars of one of davids songs
and everybody laughs a little
and dad starts talking about the piano
and kathy puts her arm around his waist
and they both giggle as she squeezes him
come ‘ere then slim! dad says
and kathy and dad beckon to me
but i cant i cant i cant
and david neil says
steve whats up with you?
and i turn around
david youre dead
dad youre dead
kathy you dont belong here anymore
ricky says : now youre being a real bummer, man…
and i say
all of you
do what you want
and i’m crying in frustration
cos i cant control anybody let alone myself
and i love davids music
and i love my long gone dad
and i love my little sister kk
but they all walk away
walk away
walk away
you could go after ’em says ricky quietly
no i couldnt i say
and we both sit there for a long time in the darkness
eventually my amigo pulls something out of his pocket
and sticks a thin white joint in my gob
what about the cops i say?
fuck em ! he says
as his lighter flares
in the black australian summer night
and i inhale

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