posted on July 23, 2009 at 8:21 pm

three times now
i have attempted to post a video
of the twillies in action
but no dice
i probably aint compressed the doo dah enough
or centralized the ding dong
reading instructions bores me
i have a kinda attention deficit disorder
and its always been easier to figger things out for myself
i’m a hard bloke to teach anything too
and i learn slowly
well i discovered i have one day less in sweden than i thought
i leave tomorrow instead of saturday…
i feel a bit cheated
losing that day
but the thought of “catching up” with my wife
is some compensation anyway
its been quite a while
spent the day in the country yesterday
swimming in the lake
walking at night with the girls
picking hallon (wild raspberries)
n smultron( wild strawberries)
sweden is lovely
its hard to leave in summer
but i must
new york will seem hellish
compared to the tranqulity of a near empty stockholm
and the absolute zen like calm of the country

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