posted on December 4, 2014 at 9:44 pm
blunt stone pearl

blunt stone pearl

minutes before it all happened

in another world away

the wrong world

conscience pounding onstage

in sydney where yon darkness lies

where the alabaster statue blackened in the traffic

beckoning the baffled oncoming and unheard of hordes

warriors and addicts aside their virtually virtuous steeds

swarming in like a pack of sins

hey where you been?

in a warehouse district my deal has gone bad

some mother future where i will be as lamb

ahimsa akimbo baby my road

will be only available as download

i will be a little child again then in unknown grove by sea

the winding horns of lyonesse will surely fanfare me

but now my sweat is burning my skin

in trouble deep in

magenta evening shadows cast by the bulletin

i forget my parts up on some big old platform

the crowd were a blur

swaying outside my minds city limits

they were down by the umber river tumbling in its course

the music the machine was making

a colossal hum the hum of a god

the magnifico and dulcet miss lou lou bellette seated at the piano

why a song takes shape as it begins to fly

the words are found within thin air i believe i sing them there

the char boils up like smack suddenly gone

the women evaporate like mist in the sun

the chorus rushes to its lovers leap fifty furlongs in the sky

the groans of ecstasy made in a shady glade have faded to a dull throb

my head on a platter a matter of common cents

my flayed frayed but not afraid mind be so kind to have signed it

my electric guitar is a hundred years old

thats how they sold it to me

the tiny glowing controls that stole souls whole

i refrain from caressing its nickel strings

altho i do not have better things to do

in marvellous sydney where the humid taxi lurches along a wall

a mosquito has left your legs covered in tiny red and yellow bites

in my own head i am a hero that righteously fights for days against knights

in my groin i carry the future coin from which will spring the elemental bling

in my heart which cannot be told apart from its twin

amid the recklessness of planets out in space where they spin

oh so lovely maha vishnu dreaming out universes from pores in his skin

i guess i must have digressed

and its a hurry i’m in



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