posted on April 11, 2006 at 11:15 pm

thanks for your love n wishes n prayers
ejjk after 6 hours under the knife
op pronounced successful
dont underestimate those wishes
the pscycho-kinesis of good luck
the player on a winning streak
the belief
that changes the shuffle from a deuce
to an ace
it all helps
perhaps as the scalpel falters
the prayers hold it in its course
i dunno
i was operated on once
for my arm
it was busted in 3 places
i was still on the “gear”
i didnae wanna come in from the cold
but it went black
i hadda get it reset
this was in sw. eden too
i hadda get it rebroken
well let me tell ya fiendss
in case ya never had anything broken
cept yer heart..
breaking does hurt
but rebreaking
ah..thats excruciating agony
yer humble hero waking up from deep anaesthesia
fucking screaming
however already being well along
the road to opiate self medication
the morph did little
to alleviate the fire burning in my arm
im never gonna play the bassey again
i thinks morbidly to myself
i escape from hospital
my arm on fire
score even more medication
down the train station
medicated almost to oblivion
the pain recedes
in the narcotic evening
falling down in my mind
so add that to one more reason
not to get on ye olde gearski
if ya need an op
then the morph aint gonna do much
for the pain
i must thank lord v
creator of everything
and in whose hand
everything rests
holding aloft the immense spheres
keeping the innumerable universes
revolving in space and time
as they must
and yet
alone with you
in your heart of hearts
and so beautiful and lovely
he lets you have yer hearts desire
if you can really handle it
fill me with your infinite love
let me be like i could
one down
one to go

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