posted on August 27, 2006 at 3:53 am

1.53 eternal sunday afternoon
the beginning of spring here
w/ slight aftertouch of winter
electronic space music on
pull up my blogge in the onternet
what shall i give em today….
woke early after refreshing nights slumber
out on the balc doing chi gong at 7
took fam to ye olde caf for ye olde brekky
me n e n a had avocado n tomato bruschetta
nk has mushrooms
bb has milk
i have soy chai
and pineapple watermelon ginger juice
nk has coffees
doodles have milkshakes
we stroll in the early springsun
do some shopping
look at the people
listen to rob dickinsons fresh wine for the horses
interested to read how some thought his lyrics were “cheesey”
but im really enjoying it
also have bought n ripped all cathy wheel cds
but havent listened to much yet
eat my dust you insensitive f***
whatta romantic guy
lotsa songs about love love love
but so sumptuous so lush
beautifully put together
carefully conceived
yes indeed
lovely romantic stuff
if you like romantic stuff….
its a tradition
the eternally yearning male
under the window sill
promising how happy hes gonna make ya
if ya just let down yer hair rapunzel
despite all that
i am really enjoying this cd
and you aint a loyal time being fiend if ya dont
maxx out yer debit cards purchasing copies
of mr dickos cd
youll be be swimming in romance
i am re reading winterlong by elizabeth hand for 3rd time
i am being visited by my brother russell
n my neice mimi belle n nephew bubsy wubsy
mimi who has been performing has traces of stage make up around her eyes
she looks like an eleven year old debbie harry at her most beautiful
we gonna take kids for walkie to yon beach
oophoi drones n drifts
nice afternoon
so so blog
too bad
im only rating 24 now
(petulant sigh)
what does it all matter now
the beach beckons
the natives are restless
the earth revolves
dont hate yer lives
jaime r yer on the money honey
pull ripcord

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