posted on May 2, 2013 at 10:08 pm
heart spear

heart spear

aleutian blue

we go back to other days

be young again my world

carefree and blase

oh i remember words to a spell

tho i dont say them very well

some thing got me i dont know

it reminds me  of hurt

it reminds me to hurt

but in those other days when everything happened

my old friend Sleep such lazy times

in shantytown bars carousing collapsing

african students room buying drugs in stockholm

in a library of birds

in a tombstone factory getting shot up in a car

my baby squalor

why borrow such a horror?

i was knocking out some music in a room

an angel whispered the words to my sleeping form

a bonfire by the sea at night shooting sparks at black stars

my companion in the attire of wolf

oh help me these songs are killing me

the song about the weird sisters who bended my garden

the song about the darkness who devoured our ray

the song about kathy who vanished so slowly

the song about the laughing sadness that everyone sings

the song about god who lies dreaming out planets

the song about women who fucked over your moon

the song about Jazz written by some loser

the song about titan such a small hit

the song about snow as youre wrapped up so dreamy

the song about mexico you wrote in the womb

the song about holiday you take in a desert

the song about miracle jim and his black salted sea

and everything comes back to me

and everything comes down on me




if thats not enough then cop this


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