posted on October 25, 2006 at 8:33 pm

there was a time….
child, do you remember?
silvered charm days
warm greying mornings
bedrooms symbiotic adhesion
time stand still for me
take out my deck
lay down the cards….
the magician
the hanged man
the empress
the four of wands
the fool
i have been cast up here
cast up in this bed and pillows
falling out of heaven
into this future
do you remember my names then?
they said
you are who we say you are!
i said
and you are who i think you are!
my fragile ship crashed
i was ejected into thin air
i hung in the bright day
i swung to n fro in the holy dawn
as her rosy fingers crept higher in the eastern sky
i sent winged words to god
to not let me die here
and that i would sacrifice gladly
if he would extend Himself
to save me….
how to describe what happened next….
words seem not to operate in some spheres
in other words
language can only describe a narrow band
on the spectrum of all possible things n events
remember then
how i told you
i was blown from that paper blue sky
i was drifted in cloud
cocooned in the gentle mist
damp n warm
my astral double partially detached
over chrome lakes swooping
screaming silently over shoals of electric eels
blasting back the razor sharp wind
as the aerials warped n bent the wing
burning up in freezing atmo-spheres
feverish dreaming rushing sleeping voyage
hurled violently thru purple patches
serenity in stillness
child, wake up
child, see my scar
my scar where i fell n fell n fell
oh child, i never want to fall ever again
oh i can still feel the falling
falling falling falling
faster faster
picking up speed
i hit
everything shatters
i forget everything
stars implode
blackness turning into redness
sucking me under
who am me now?
why was that….
how did this….
i was just…
a voice whispers in the nothing
you see i have saved you again….?
and then that is snatched away too
and youre lying here
in this bed
at dawn
with me
strange flowers n birds outside
strange sun in stranger sky
i think long n hard
names pass thru my mind
i hear voices
one name n voice float to the top
kilbey! kilbey! kilbey!
it reasserts
and more strongly
this world resonates
this planet remembers everything
this earth will remind you
over n over
when you fall

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