posted on June 6, 2012 at 7:07 pm

pondering beyond

at the edge of the land

at the edge of the world

at the edge of the known

final approach through blustering rain

i navigate the skies from my familiar room

the black cat takes fright and disappears into the wind

a silent black slit he makes exiting the plasmatic night

ten thousand fingered cyclone bringing it on

droplets hammered against glass and forced upwards back into the air

sibilant sutra of incessant precipitation

furious cold angry rain

the houses shake under such an onslaught

the mercury shudders within its glass

blood pressure drops suddenly away

dizzy beyond belief

coming down with the cold hard rain like reality itself

grim and in constant flux

what do you want ?

what do you believe?

what do you want to believe?

these questions interposed on some  inner nothingness

and asked by the rain

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