posted on May 12, 2006 at 8:53 pm

good mourning little fiendss

yessaday we said our goodbyes to grant
one of the worlds finest singers and writers
one of the most sensitive and lovely of all rocks characters
taken from us too soon
too soon
every leaf that falls from the tree whispers
too soon
the service was in a big old cathedral in brissy
packed to the rafters with grants family
his friends
and the many many fans
who came to pay their last respects
to a genuine one-off genius
the service was ok
a few too many messages from our sponsor, maybe
but it was ok
grants brave sister sally spoke about him
robert f miraculously maintained his composure
and gave us a very comforting speech
about hearing grants voice all week
then grants partner emma
a beautiful lady..
she gave us a few insights
some poems
i know she and grant loved each other very much
all 3 of these people
what was that phrase, grant
grace under pressure
i had my brutha rusty and good fiend wil-o with me
but i met and chatted to grants brother lachlan
glenn bennie, we finally meet!
tim whitten , a lovely lovely man
tyrone n. from george
who done some work with grant lately
this cat was beside himself with grief
and we were reminiscing and crying and laughing together
and we both realised that we loved grant so much
that that alone made us friends for life
(and ty, i forgive ya for singing the words of un mo
to almost with you was a stressful day
and grant woulda thought that was hilarious)
i had one of grants fave drinks a long island tea
which seemed to have 5 different white spirits in it
and certainly knocked me around
i met the moody and enigmatic ed kuepper
(and i hugged him!!)
what a gentlemen
i met peter milton walsh of the apartments
peter walsh of livid fame(no longer the bleary eyed idiot)
the fiery lindy morrison
the serene and lovely amanda brown
of course the likable and handsome ian haug
from p finger
who loved grantley as much as me
(they did the far out corporation together)
and he was stunned to lose a mate like grant
everyone i met there
i say
did you know grant
oh yes theyd say
getting that smile on their face
i knew him well
it seems to know him
to love him
this man wasnt just admired and respected
and all of us
will miss him every day of our lives

grant if youre reading my blogg today
see if ya can get some good players together
for when i next see ya
i love you grant

on the way home russell gives me a book by kurt vonnegut
called a man without a country
and blow me down
if he aint saying the same things as me
about war, the bushes, guns, america
never forget fiendss
my wife and 2 of my daughters are american
a lot of my best friends and greatest heros too
me and kurt and michael moore
and the likes are not anti american
we love the ideal of america
we love what america could have been
but its all gone wrong fiendss
im sorry, it has
it wasnt sposed to be like this
america was sposed to be the country we all looked up to
the fair and righteous one
but as kurt says
now everyones afraid of it
everyone hates it
why did that have to happen

i saw a picture of george w and his brother jeb
and theyre saying pres jeb?
and gw saying
hes a big strong guy…makes the decisions
fiendss have ya seen this fucking imbecile ?
in that huge country
they have 10 million men more suited
to this most crucial position
than this obviously stupid tub of lard
bathing in nepotism, cronyism
and fuck democracy we were born to rule
fiendss the bushes are going for a dynasty here
thats what ya fought yer war against us limeys for
in the first place
to get rid of one brutal moron handing
down the crown to his even more brutal stupid kids
now look what ya got
so after reading kurts little book
i am vindicated(he even goes into rants like me
complete with “fuckin’s and fuck offs when
he really gets mad)
this is a brilliant man
served his country ww2
and he says like me
no wars
no guns
love is the answer
etc etc etc
just the same stuff us
bohemians artists and intellectuals have been saying
for the last umpteen thousand years
but the aggressive turkeys always hi jack the agenda
and you get vietnam and iraq
which none of us ever wanted
you think vietnam woulda taught em all a lesson
but fuck no
these warlike types are thick n stupid
(and cowardly, they never do the fighting, themselves)
give fucking gw a gunny
and tell him to patrol the nasty suburbs of bag-dad
see how long he lasts
but everything i say you know already
if ya still hanging round saying
no iraqs a glorious victory
and thank god for the bomb
and nuke a gay whale for jesus
and all that…
i feel sorry for ya

thats it
read kurts book
itll only take ya an hour
i love ya

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