posted on October 18, 2013 at 6:36 pm
cartoon of lives

cartoon of lives

in a burst of acceleration and a rush of white bubbles

some beast released

the rocks scream out

the earth shrugs off its mantle

a new civilisation sweeps everything before it before it falls itself

greediness and lies can never prevail

it is the way of things

and righteousness can never prevail either

it is the way of things

heaving salt water fills my dream tank

drown in clear green air i fall slowly upwards into sky

miles above the sunken cathedral in the rhine

where the nibelung hammer out rivers of steel

in germany my doppelganger appears on a stage doped

the panther chases half heartedly the spring days

i am faint down in greece with a nymph of the sea

over the pyramids my ketamine dream of somewhere else

a swirl of vicious claws approacheth in the dim sparkled wine dark sea

hideous odour of monster unhinged like a pungent spell

we crouch on the sand spear in hand

my heart beats in another chest like a doom drum

the roman soldier with sunburnt shoulder rolls the boulder today

christ in paris during the plague is pulled away

in devilled tones the ominous drones drop away from bomb bay

in secretive tryst they have missed the gist of holy day

pendulum comes back and its crack of hell

swing to the side but if you decide too late

thing is war wont wait

i fought back in biblical times like a dog who climbs a tree

i swam like a fish through the glittering aegean sea and in galilee

i saw them nail up brothers who stole others in darkness

on the isle of madness it was i in a fever who saw what i seen

the brand new facade of impossible empire in the clouds

the veneer was penetrated by lovely little satan riding on a black steed

i need to calm down all around the sound i cannot heed

in pastures of paradise a studio lot has been set aside for me

acting out my shadow lives in far eternity

the swelling sea

the trumpets blister mournfully

the burning fleet off tripoli

the masked god of dumb loyalty

the mark of sustainability

the sword forged by necessity

umbrage with uncertainty

this was all a dream to me




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