posted on May 21, 2006 at 9:26 pm

hi ya people
feeling weary
not much of a blogg today, i suspect
feeling sad to leave the fam n the home
on wednesday
not looking forward to it that much
bit of a cold
back aching still
not feeling like much of a rockstarr
to tell ya the truth
as ian hunter said
you gotta stay a young man
you can never get old
you look like a star
but youre really on the dole

he also said
god aint jive

he also said
pass the salt
to his wife once

i dunno
the doodles have gotten up for school
warm n confused they tumble out of bed
aurora comes n gives me a kiss
mornin dad she says in her jimmy stewart accent
the doodles have lived here 4 years now
they still speak with american accents
sometimes they get confused
they dont know whether to say
or barth
or farst
they dont know whether to say
sidewalk or footpath
sometimes they say footwalk
or sidepath….
im gonna miss my doodles
thats fer sure
but europe awaits
the roar of the greasepaint
the smell of the crowd
actually on a cold morning
sitting here
in the bosom of my fam
i dont really have any desire to sally forth
and take europe by storm
i just wanna stay home
dont wanna get in a cab
get to airport
stand in q
go thru customs
get on plane to singapore for 9 hours
wait around there for 4 hours
then plane to london for 13 hours
then negotiate heathrow
more customs
then plane to hungary
more customs cabs queues
finally to hotel
ah now i can sleep
no you cant
you got jet lag mr killbee
you cant sleep now
in hungary it might be 11 at night
but in austraylia its 9 in the morning
and im ready to swim
then of course next morning
when the lovely and attractive kevin n
drops by to get me
im gonna be ready for slumberland
such is the jetsetting musos lot
i love playing
i live for it
onstage i am anaesthetised
under a spell
i just hate waiting
i hate travelling
i hate listen to the other dudes in mah band
blabbing on about something i already heard
a million times
i hate the awkward meetings
steve, this is roger bullpitt
hes the head of programming here at KPOX
steve, im yer biggest fan…
whats yer group called again?

i hate it when i walk off stage
when i just played for 2 hours
im soaking wet and exhausted
and some dude immediately storms in
and starts up a conversation
about something …….
i hate trying to find vegetarian…let alone vegan food
i hate driving down the autobahn at 2oo miles an hour
in the rain and spray
i hate hotels next door to construction sites
i hate “fans” who love you so much
they wanna have an argument
i hate going onstage without a smoke
(pls take note of that, someone!)
i hate it when i cant get thru to australia
or they charge me an arm n a leg
per minute phone call
oh fiendss
its no bedda roses on tour
i know you dont feel sorry for me
i know yer thinkin’
get out there and rock
and stop complainin’ you olde whinger
the friction
the disapointment
the rip offs
the arguments
the blah blah blah blah blah
i know
i should be grateful
im almost 52 n im still rockin
just get on with it
i will
i will rock all over this world
i will be happy
i will be olde gifted n white
i will be onstage with bells on
i will smile thru the sad songs
i will be polite
even to grovelling wallies
and rude sods
i will treat you all with equanamity
i will be kind n courteous
even when asked to sign
one of martys records
step on my toe, i’ll laugh
knock over my bass, i’ll grin
get my towel damp, i’ll love ya for it
oh im such a changed and nice bloke now
its sickening
no more the grumpy supercilious cynical bastard
of yore
now sweetness n light
humbly glad to be on the road
and honoured to sing my song for ya
thats it you creatures
thats it for today
was that ok
was it enuff
am i still in yer goodbooks?
see ya in buda, pests

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