posted on May 1, 2006 at 3:51 am

the mechanistic universe stops short of explanation
lost for worlds
too tired to sleep
wandering down the corridors
at night starting up from its bed
bad dreams i couldnt explain
the stars themselves
the sun and everything dances round this
all held up
invisible hands
some understand nothing
when they are right
its for the wrong reason
white hot sword angel outside eden
keeping their prisoners out
miles and miles of starburn
branded on the hide of the night
the worms will wait
throw off that flesh n blood
weary travellers arrive
three wise guys
goldman,frankenstein and moore
there are no compartments here
everything is on the floor
no one knows anyone
its such a bother
its a short cut thru Inferno
its an all ghoul group
jenny taylor and the space needles
love missile f-1 11
sh sh shoot it up
wartorn sydney now bridgeless
the free world is now charging
you gotta subscribe
you gotta join the club
positions are available for the following positions
novices (with experience)
pets(no pets)
seventh daughters of seventh daughters
inquisitors(should like people)
slaughterers(should like animals)
geniuses(should be cute)
slaves(good super!!!)
serfs in the net
assorted non specifics
send in your application by the silvery moon
use ink made from your tears
worship steel and glass
dig deep in the earth
hoard up the love
board up the window
shut down the sky
roll back the days
enter oblivion
pass thru its outskirts
dodge the flak
anticipate their movements
telecommunicate with me then!
random ninja stab
suzuki cars n guitars
all memories come on
show all memories
maximise picture
post it up
send it out
do it up
hit it up
pick it up
put it down
just like that
quick like that
and like this
like this stuff
want some more
make you think
make you dream
makes you wonder
the next day was preceded by a perfect pink dawn
i got up in time
i saw myself still asleep
i was across the road
asleep in the graveyard
i was in a hotel excelsior
in scandanavia
it was snowing
i thought this was in tasmania that time says les k
no dad you see ive mixed em up …its ok
this is a poem….
in the perfect pink dawn
the ripped out place where the sky was
leaks red star blood
i am awake early
i see myself as i was sleeping
i never dream this
its the pink dawn
all perfect except for the starblood
but at least
i am awake early
not sleeping or dreaming
across the road
where the sad vases of flowers are
where the angels are among the grass and tears
in the dawn
i awoke
it was pink
the birds were falling out of the sky
i mean, that was sad but….
at least i was awake
writing poetry in the dawn
in red letters on the skys empty hole
in tattered roman java script that oozed away
and wrote songs for itself to sing
a song that sang itself
the song was called
“who do i fuck to get my virginity back?
who do i see about my blindness?”
it was number one ooohhh for weeks n weeks
i heard that i wrote it
but i also just wrote that i only heard it
its all complicated isnt it
be much simpler when we get there
i’ll explain to ya
when we arrived

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