posted on January 2, 2013 at 3:36 pm
light paws outta me

light paws outta me

apocrypha is indefinitely shelved

i wanted to make a certain kinda record

some weird obtuse masterpiece

some classic epic blah blah blah

(something that means something)

yet what i made was not that

its a collection of songs

no more no less

i mean this is what i did

i set out to do one massive conglomerate

and i came up with all these little bits n pieces

a collection of songs with no theme

with no overall scheme holding the dream in place

i just started and i did some work and this is what i got

my muse is a hard muse to focus

it wants to wander

i have  let it wander

well it wandered right off apocrypha

and straight into this

its more dabble than remindlessness as far as some continuity

its all over the shop

its not really weighty n serious either

i dunno what it is

i aint even gonna try n define (or defend) this record

i gotta still finish it

but i’m gonna hurry up

all those loverly people who just subscribed will probably hear it first

i hope by end o’ jan

maybe even before

a strange bunch of songs for you no doubt

the unlimited choices of Logic recording still baffle me

its hard to grok an artform where you can just do ANYTHING

thank god painting isnt like that

theres only so much you can do at any one stage

but music/songwriting….wow!

it is bewildering a bit to me who left off for a long while

i dont even know why i did but i did

i dont know why i do things …i just do

some vague force guides me i guess

anyway in the last year i seriously got back into home recording


the unlimited nature of it often slows me right down

what do ya wanna do in yer song?

because youve got options coming out the grand wazoo at any step of the game

unlimited tracks

unlimited sounds

unlimited effects

unlimited ways of doing things

(simon polinski ,say,uses this program differently to me to write songs)

everyone can use it differently in different combinations


that is slightly hard for me to deal with

because being an imaginative and meandering kind of fool

i’m better off having an easy path to follow

which you did in the old days

with tape recorders and stuff


there is a thousand paths

i’m a bit baffled therefore

i’m a horse that needs blinders

you mustnt let me see everything at once  (baby)

i need my process but my processes mind was blown by logic

so many sounds n loops n tricks n gadgets n stuff

its all in one (virtual) box

so as i cope with logic

(its like imagine if you had a red and a blue and a yellow pencil

then one day you got the sennelier box set with 120 pastels!)

the sky being the limit

so as i cope with this freedom  (a paradox)

i have recorded loads n loads of things

most of this record was intended to be apocrypha

but it aint i just know it

so i will tell you its name when it arrives i guess

(the albums steve kilbey rejects)

i reckon some of you will really likey

some of you will say oh i see why it isnt apocrypha …

and most wont care if they like the tunes

and there is some incredibly catchy tunes

which isnt normally my hallmark, is it? my catchiness…?

but here i have been damned catchy and i dont care

in some ways it unsurprisingly reminds me of garage sutra

in as far as the songs go

the songs are the important thing not the other stuff

of course on apocrypha the songs were supposed to be strong too

but there was to be /will be “other stuff” involved …

here its just a buncha songs stuff free

free of any idea that puts them together

or anything

the sound of steve kilbey fucking around with logic

unlike garage sutra the bass guitar is back in a big throbbing way

and of course electric guitar and keyboards and live percussion

but its still very pop tunes-ey

you may like that

you may not

anyway thatll be coming down pipeline imminently

good on ya!



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