posted on January 19, 2012 at 10:09 pm

the picture is gone

let these words exist in darkness

let these words explode in some strangers head

someone i aint ever met

i dont write truth i dont write lies

i have everything yet nothing to tell you

a story as common as any old yarn if you please

why the author is already bored with retelling it

the usual conflicts the usual resolutions

the confused pawns moved by a distant hand

the sun and moon have exchanged positions again

the tide goes in and out

i come to grips with slipperiness

i contain the idea that detachment can be achieved violently

fresh treachery in every gesture

could one really be a hero in this novel no ones reading

the players are not fixed they drift in and out of mind

it seems no one knows why anything happens

it seems ive woken from a dream

but the other dreamers scream out

go back to sleep

there is no reason for all this thrashing around

the pointlessness of it all needs not be pointed out

we’re all just children no more helpless

we dont think to think

i am coming up against spirit

i am coming up against power

if you proceed against spirit and power you will fail

one leads to the other

deep foundations in some other eternity

intelligence alone is baffling bewildering

every genius an idiot but never vice versa i assure you

none of the best stuff comes from just us

with the invisible source gone from the equation

the figures can never reconcile themselves

overlooking the obvious well it happens all the time

ive found bad luck rubs off on whole planets

ive seen a jinx last ten thousand years

they dont have time to empty the traps

before we’re filling em up with our bodies again

here comes a guillotine here comes a plague

here comes a genetically modified germ

now i have the cure it will cost you 10 k

now i have a chip we should all wear in our heads

we can track each others movements thru lives

i have a screen all the children should watch

and once theyre hooked they will never slip off

i have a way of protecting you all

but first you must tell me your pins and your codes

i have a rock by the side of this ocean

i sit and i think of the fucknuckle idiots

the ones who keep on ruining my lives

just when i was sorting it out

another clown goes and another arrives

like a merciful king i send them all into exile

then one day i awake on my throne all alone

the night has receded like a black soothing sea

leaving me here just thrashing around


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