posted on January 9, 2011 at 10:02 am
The three albums the church have selected to perform at each concert on the upcoming ‘Future, Past, Perfect” USA Tour :
Untitled #23:
Cobalt Blue, Deadman’s Hand, Pangaea, Happenstance, Space Saviour, On Angel Street, Sunken Sun, Anchorage, Lunar and Operetta
Aura, Ripple, Paradox, Lustrre, Swan Lake, Feel, Mistress, Kings, Dome, Witch Hunt, The Disillusionist, Old Flame, Chaos and Film
Destination, Under the Milky Way, Blood Money, Lost, North South East and West, Spark, Antenna, Reptile, A New Season and Hotel Womb

Do not miss this special experience. Tickets are on sale now – see our Calendar for tour dates.

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