posted on December 14, 2005 at 10:10 pm

hi ya mah peeps
hi ya ya awful blog addled fooles
its gonna bee quick
its gonna be hard
its gonna bee fast
we did real well in addledlaid
yeah we slew em
laid em in the aisles
what would ya expect from the best band still extant on this plane?
yeah we were pretty good
just maybe ole sk had one two many glasses o bubbly
oh sk you olde devil
you wilde man of rock
so thats it
i came
i saw
i conked out
what more is there
an amazing gig
the earth moves
people keep sinning
the world keeps spinning
all the rest is just bullshit
oh sk
you little fucking trooper
treadin the boards till late
then up at the crack of dawn
feeling rosie all over
writing yer blog for those fiends that ya know
are hanging out in cyberspace
jonesing for jesus juice
the ones who need their fixx of sk
ok i know nothing gonna take away them symptoms
but the real thing
here it is my kilblings
no placebos
this be straight from the hoarses mouth
this be the pure gospel
the goode oil,
mah crew
olde sk up so early
to bring you this
ok i guess you got that
now ………
nasssty sniffy fuckin beagle fuckin hounds
nasssty air turbulence
nasssty middle seats next to some “straight”
who cant dig sks bohemian fuckin ways
then a nasssssty boring interview in melb
then soundcheck
then poetry reeding
then gig
then sks total noivous brakedown
between these momentous events
sk must
contact melbournian bohemian buddies
(read lazy good for nothin drug fiends and layabouts)
must have his vegan nibblies
must do his yoga
must do his rebirthing
must do his pilates, pontious
must do his stretching
must do his cardio vascular whatsis with added thingos
must do my nlp
must do my gentle 20 mile jog
must have a shower
(phew, sk, at last….!)
must trim mah little beardy
must have mah botox shots
must have mah lippo suktion
must have mah charisma irrigation
and all the other ways and means
i sustain this illusion of being perpetually 18
whilst actually aged
but no matter
i guess thats it
thatll be about it
for this self obsessed ole s o b
for this load of olde twaddle
will fill ya in
on all the thrills and spills
in melby
mah fave aussie city
in the hole of victoria
i love you fools

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