posted on October 11, 2006 at 9:14 pm

can you believe all of this?
system within system within system
nervous system
endocrine system
arterial system
veinous system
electrical system
water system
flesh system
skin system
air system
we are all of these
we are semi-angel
with free will
revolving around a sun
itself revolving and taking its system with it
and all held aloft
all held apart
invisible forces regulating everything
because a tiny tilt
or minute raise of temp
will fuck this delicate machine right up
now people will go to any extent
to deny god
they will blame religion
they will blame the inquisition
they will blame the crusades n the jihads
they will blame the witch trials n northern ireland
they will blame invisibility itself
“why cant we see him, then?”
they will sit in a botanical garden
asking why god never sends a sign
when all around
his loveletters bloom n sway in yon wind
when i read a poem
inevitably i think of the poet
when i hear a song
inevitably i think of the singer
when i see a creature
naturally i think of the creator
its spring in this hemisphere
creation is explosive
stuff just breaks through
all the sidewalks n pavements
tiny weeds breakthru
(what is a weed?
merely a flower whos virtue has not yet been discovered)
flying ants appear
males who will fly n mate with the queen
(fly united, boys!)
busy little birds pecking n gossiping everywhere
the triumphant sounds of popul vuh emanate from my kitchen
why not reveal yourself this very day?
aint that like having an ant-farm or fishtank
and stickin’ yer fucking fingers in there all the time
this thing runs on automatic
vishnu dreams universes like ours up every tiny second
they drift out and on
doing what they will
this is all vishnus dream
out of nothing this was all created
back to nothing it will all return
all the great scientists eventually
if not immediately
realise all their knowledge
has been dwarfed by the unknowable
and from a point of extreme humility
pay homage to a creator
because there are some strange things about humanity
we crave the obvious
we get/let the absolutely worst people run the show
we fall for war over n over n over
we think we are disconnected
we try to be happy in midst of others miseries
we dont think its gonna come back on us
we fail to constantly appreciate n rejoice
count your blessings!
go on
take a minute or 3
i’ll wait here listening to my popul vuh
while you have time to think of some ways
in which you are blessed
having a hard time there, baybee?
gotta roof over yer head?
food on the table tonight?
water to drink?
it was not always so
how many people will today die of thirst?
oh yeah
but we want popularity
we want slim-ness n beauty n youth
n holidays in st tropez
n beemer suv hummers with ipod jack n dvd
n new lap top w/ witchburner
n a house with rococco curtains
n statues of the seven dwarves
we want giant food choppers as advertised on tv
we want a credit card with outer limits
we want our parrots on higher perches
we want to lay-bye tomorrow
we want to fly to the bloody moon
who cares about food n water n shelter?
where is god?
why doesnt he immediately appear when i ask this question?
here i am nevets
oh here i am in nth bondi
you see that indefinably blue sky
and them beautiful trees
and you see all the creatures
and you smell the marine air
and you see yer children still sleeping…
yes i see all that…
but , well, its just that….somehow..
i always want just a tiny bit more than i get
god i want more proof of you than those things
god the stars n the sun n the sky n the ocean
and all the mysterious things they contain
are not enough proof for me
you see i had a western education
i went to lyneham high school
we learnt loadsa useful things there
and now i think im pretty smart
cos they told me that i evolved from a proconsul
and we did some things with a dead frog n a battery
n we checked out photosynthesis
and they measured my i q
and they said youre a genius
why dont you do better in school?
and all us kids there felt pretty smug
that god was just some old vestige
like mans vestigal tail
left over from when we stopped being chimps
and we learnt to smoke cigarettes n drink beer
and god seemed like some primitive superstition
and jesus, most of that old testament bullshit is exactly that
and somehow we precluded the concept
that our god was a cool artist
a dreamer, a hedonist, a renaissance man
even if you cant dig the enormity of it all
(dude, space is fucking infinite!!)
even if you cant dig the intricacy of the mechanism
the systems within systems within systems
all ticking along quite nicely thank you
surely you can dig it
as an act of creation
as art
look at those flowers
they are art
look at the sky
its art
listen to the waves
listen to creatures
listen to a forest
its all music
block your ears and hear music within
the music of the spheres
put your ear to a seashell
thats my ocean crashing in there
see the periwinkles n anemones in rockpools
underwater pointillism
god never created the fuming urban hell
the dark satanic mills n boon
the jails n gaols
the stock exchange n its crashes
the endless but soon to be stilled traffic
the red tape n paperwork
god gave you freedom to act
god gave you potential to be almost anything
god gave you as many chances as you need to sort it out
god gave rock n roll to ya
put it in the heart of everyone
i love you

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