posted on November 21, 2012 at 6:45 pm

only kinda egg i like

the church sounded quite good the other night at our corporate gig

not bad considering its almost a year since we played

starting our run of gigs real soon

including side shows in sydney and melbourne

still working on my solo record

but its gonna take some more work and re-thinking

have about 13 new things ready but i need more variety or something

feeling a bit flat today about everything actually

as you do as you go up n down with life….

we are having a bit of a christmas sale

we are having it now to enable stuff you may order now to get there in time

so if youre thinking gifts this year

give the extravagant gift of a cd or t shirt ….go on be a devil !

some exciting plans for next year too

will tell you more as everything firms up

its pks birthday today too!

looks pretty young for his age…..



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