posted on February 18, 2013 at 4:32 pm
boom sha la la lo

boom sha la la lo


mystery guest artist may or may not arrive tomorrow

lets hope so

i’m all set to go 1 2 3

have  done a rehearsal for musical reprising in melbourne in march

during the festival of suburbia

am almost finished doing a re-mix of a kil/ken song called “i find”

my first ever re-mix…not as easy as i first thought

you got all the bits n pieces n you can assemble any way you like

so much choice

no responsibility at all

just do whatever you like

you think itd be easy wouldnt you

it is i guess if you just do the usual old thing…

meanwhile my concert with george ellis n orchestra is set for 21 sept.

i will also be doing something with george n ork at canberra gig 11 march

the church will be there too

(cue strains of the last time )

the idyllist should be with you soon

i apologise for the delays

i am very happy with the response so far..believe me…

so next up is the extraordinary “you are everything”

when you hear it you will know what i mean

unlike the hodgepodge nature of idyllism

you are everything is a deep hard blast of seriously “heavy” music

nothing jolly or breezy here

you will  find intensity brilliance darkness and light

from the beginning to the end holding you rapt

it is not anything like what went before with albums one or two

here we emerge as equal masters of our domains

martins music and what he has achieved here is stunning ….

no one saw this coming certainly not me these huge epic songs

epic in their solitary quiet spirituality or their orchestrated grandeur

more low/bowie/eno influence that german sound and feeling

have my words ever been better? my voice more smooth and sometimes more chilling?

the melodies the arrangements the intent

you are everything

in a new league of its own

probably one of the best 3 records i ever worked on

i dont say it lightly!

elegant elegiac modern classic strange

turbulent disturbed and yet so fucking lovely

yeah i know i can blow my own horn

but just wait till you hear this

an album of pop songs yes and much much more than that

an album that charts the struggle of the soul

an album of fragility regret and repentance

an album of top class numbers every single on of em

so thats coming

april i believe with show in melbourne too

and …


i’ll keep you all informed as it all starts to pan out




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