posted on May 16, 2012 at 6:44 pm

plucked from the void

time is moving tho you wouldn’t know it

we get so lucky till we blow it

we are our own worst enemys worst enemy

no message in a bottle

even when theres no where left to go

you gotta go some where

lord of universe take this feeling away

my australian prayer is for detachment from all the chains

the chain of events that is so sickeningly inevitable

the glaring and obvious bleeding consequences

the chain the hopeless one attaches to the stupid one who got sucked in

the chain between the rotten stuff and the rotten you

my prayer is for healing my prayer is for some more peace

thank you we had a month can we have some more ?

i have long lost my nerve for these dangerous games

i can’t bear to watch the other players crash

i can’t bear to hear the moans and the retching

when their illusion bursts and they writhe upon contact with reality

wake up and it all comes back to you

you weep deep in dreams of remorse

because your heart has been masked unasked

can’t go forward can’t go back

can’t go to the job you lost last time

or was it the time before that

dawn comes to you and so full of fear

dawn pale and unforgiving in hospital

or maybe in some strangers room looking up at a dirty ceiling

dawn screams you awake with her burning flame of tomorrow morning

dawn who is a horror to you as you are yourself a horror to dawn

dawn down and out for the count

struggle to stand up but


your opponent just put you back on your knees

yet you aint never laid a glove on him

you still try for another swing

you still clamber back into the ring

and your opponent wins every fight by finishing em off

or wounding em so bad they won’t fight again

your opponent with all of his names and disguises

your opponent with all of his tricks and his lies

he dances around you outsmarted you so easy

he trips you up he smacks you around

he bitch slaps your face and he kicks your ass

he punches your kidney and liver and spleen

he head butts you so bad you can’t ever think straight

a smack in the eye and then you are blind

then your money runs out

he won’t even fight ya

you can’t even find him though you look for him everywhere

but he’s out dining at rich mens tables

and he’s out to sup with the poor

and he’s driving cars around n smashing em up

and he’s inciting violence all over the place

quite frankly you were a lightweight to this clever devil

he’s elusive and fuck …you never can learn

i guess my prayer then is for us both to be released

and all of us too and everyone else

i’m sick of this bullshit

i’m sick of this lark

i’m sick of this

sick of this

sick of this



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