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whats going on on planet earth
(jord the swedes call earth)
whats going on here?
wouldnt ya like to know?
i know i would ….but the answer remains elusive
are we even capable of being able to grok it ?
is it like teaching a hamster calculus…is it beyond us?
they say we only use ten per cent of our brains
whats going on in the other 90%
i often wonder
how many times you been on the verge of some big realisation
and you just try to put it into words and it evaporates
loadsa times on acid i thought i knew
but the trip ended and i was empty handed
sometimes left with something as profound as
uh, everythings gonna be ok…
not exactly plato is it?
they say loves the answer
i guess theres some truth in that
if you can love everybody;
it doesnt mean love yer lover or love yer friends
anybody can do that but that aint enlightenment
its very hard to love everybody
its hard just to like everybody
its hard just to be even handed n turn the other cheek
i guess thats why old jesus h christos was such a revolutionary
he said love everybody in a time when love was at a premium
a time of brute force and much laying waste
i remember learning latin
there was loads of translation work
a lot of it was
oh mighty caesar we have laid waste gaul
oh centurion how shall we kill all these britons? etc
tough times to live in
then this guy had a new idea
hey be nice to everybody
sounds pretty simple
no one had really thought of it up until then
still very hard to pull off
you stand in a crowd
yeah i could be nice to him
yeah i could nice to her
oh wait…but i couldnt be nice to this person…!
it seems like its all devised to go wrong
man against woman
nation against nation
this crowd versus that crowd
we humans turned on the very earth itself
witness the meat industry n the petrol industry
and all the rest of it
no one wants wars but theres always a loada wars going on
animals becoming extinct
whats behind it all?
what can you do ?
what can one person do?
should we do anything?
or is it merely an obstacle course to negotiate n move on…?
i’m blowed if i know
i’m just a singer in a rocknroll band
n its only rocknroll but i like it
smoking voluminous quantities of pot
sure does not give you the answer
tho sometimes it threatens to
it just numbs ya dumbs ya down
so i’m glad i made the wrench and i’m glad i finally stopped
i have no opinion of the people who wanna carry on
i know its better for ya than drinking thats obvious
still you aint gonna get anywhere spiritually if you intoxicate yerself
you need a clear head to feel the subtle messages of the soul
you need to vibrate quicker and faster
at least thats what i think
thats why i persevere with yoga day in day out
sometimes i just dont wanna stand there doing it
contorted myself into its different poses
sometimes i dont wanna swim in a cold pool either
but thats discipline for ya
you gotta have self discipline
i once read a book by israel regardie an early 20th century magician
he advocated setting yourself a meaningless task that required concentration
n discipline
like for example not using the word “the” for a day
you had to remain aware all day
everytime regardie caught himself saying “the”
he would give himself a small cut somewhere with a knife
thats kinda extreme but can you see the point
to train yourself to be constantly aware
not just sleepwalk thru life wasting your human incarnation
so i practice yoga twice a day most days
i get up earlier or go to bed later just to do it
i do it on tour too even when i’m tired
so in that way i begin to master myself
i been wildly off track for most of my life so theres a lot to master
so when i approach other tasks
i have already got myself somewhat under control
some people ‘ll tell ya i got a terrible temper n i have
theres something to work on
some of the deadly sins losing their grip on me
some of em i’m still in thrall to
rome wasnt built in a day mighty caesar
i am constantly a work in progress
i have seen yoga turning my life around
i have seen good things come to pass for me
i feel people are interested in what i do again
after i nearly blitzed my self out of existence with you-know-what
believe me i’m grateful for this second chance
and i feel yoga and exercise can turn anyones life around
if they can mine
of course pride comes back into the picture again
i mean i’m proud of what ive accomplished
and then my ego runs amok all over again
sloth ive definitely beaten
gluttony isnt a worry for me
envy still got its hooks in me bad
the fucking music industry is built on it
(find a book called “powder” about an envious rocker…
its a real hoot n very realistic)
but pride vanity lust n anger are hard ones to shake
my gnostic mate dp tells me they work together to bring us undone
like generals in a war they mobilise their forces to fuck with us
and its only very human to give in to their combined onslaughts
only very few cats like JC and ghandi n st francis n buddha
have figured out ways to defeat these things that plague us
what am i saying here
i dunno exactly
i’m sick of myself n sick of dancing to the tune of my deadly sins
theres gotta be another way
thats where yoga comes in for me
yoking myself to something greater than me
i dunno what youd call that but its working slowly but surely
a slim trim body is just a side effect of that (ooh theres pride for ya!)
you start to develop some kinda deeper insight into things
for short amounts of time youre actually “aware”
i saw some black birds on the way to the pool the other day
i was walking along caught up in my petty melodramas
n then i saw em
four beautiful black birds flying in perfect formation
so black against the blue sky n white clouds
for just one second i was truly aware
i was right there
living my life to the utmost degree
not in the past
not in the future
but there in that eternal moment
and it was breathtakingly delicious
like nectar
the perfection of it all
this wonderful marvellous universe with its diverse creatures
these birds flying along in synchronized gestalt
and me watching em
freed up from my minds clutter n chatter
better than any drug better than any material thing
better than a prize or a hit record or a fat cheque
better than an orgasm or a medal or anything you can think of
just being just coexisting
just wanting nothing at all
n then my ego says
well there you go my boy youre getting aware
and crash
it was all over
but i was thankful for my moment
it gives me something to shoot for
it gives me a clue about what eternity might feel like
and it was a sweet subtle bliss that drugs n drink would bury
so there you go
i’m gonna try n still my mind a little more
its a turbulent emotional mind
screaming out for constant attention n appeasement
it is the hardest thing to conquer
it has to be done tho
before i can move on to whatever is next
i dont know what that may be
but i want it
i know its sublime
it aint easy to find
its riddled with paradox n obscured by layers of maya
thats my sermon over

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