posted on March 24, 2008 at 8:20 pm

post 911
i aint gonna go there
and i was in de. the day it happened
an hour or so down the road…..
many confused thoughts today
i see no clear train of thought emerging
the incredible beautiful things my commenters write..
the stupid wilfully ignorant things….
a bit like me
as above so below
i tell you what
i will try (TRY!)
to refrain from my aggressive rhetoric
if we can have no more disharmony
on the comments
i dont wanna read you slagging each other off
its beneath our dignity now people
i was the worst …i admit it
and yeah i told a lotta people (to fuck)off
no more quoth the raven
this blogge……
out of control
swallowing up my time n my back n shoulders n arm
addicted to it i am
seduced by its immediacy
this is my autoblography
this is real deal
if you know me here
you know me better
tuesday morning, garbo day in n.bondi
my friend in hosp. sleeping more n more
they read him a poem i wrote for ‘im
when he woke up the other day
when he woke up for 10 minutes
you see the thing is pushing on him
making him sleepier n sleepier
but he wakes up n asks em to read him my poem
and he liked it
and the people present liked it
and he squeezed my brothers hand as he read it
and believe me it contained the word “fucking” a few times
as i railed against the injustice
and praised my friend to the high skies
and my brother said
maybe that poem could be a blogge
and if my friend checks out of this vale of tears (if?!)
then maybe i will…
this week i play the vanguard in newt-town
featuring some other players with me too
i think its gonna be cool
i think i sense
the very tiniest revival in sks fortunes
thats because im so much better now
the spirit took me in gosford
its gonna take me in newt-town
what is this spirit?
this spirit is the spirit of music who takes human beings
or sends them as my dad used to say
baby these days im getting sent
the whitest of whiteys got some soul?
believe it , childe
king rude daddy starting to loosen up
but you were always so unhappy before
now you smiling all night….says a. gosford-punter
my mother so sagely put it to me
when i asked her about the gig
“it took you a long time to learn, son!”
yes yes joycie thats it thats it!
everything takes me so long to learn
i do learn in the end
i always had good songs
but the way i delivered em
the way i handled my self
(ooooh mr davem!!)
i wasnt cool i was frigid
i wasnt broody i was rude
i wasnt enigmatic i was bloody ignorant
i wasnt superior i was supercilious
trying to be a composite of other geezers
instead of letting les kilbeys boy out
the ‘alf cockney ‘alf aussie bloke
who could dabble in music
dabble in painting
and make people fucking well laugh
just like me dad could n did
i aint no david blowie
i aint no bobby zimmerlan
i aint no johnny o boogie ono lenin
my mother also said to me
im proud of you son
i said whys that mum?
she said
you were being nice to people…..
how did that take so long to learn?
the most basic things
the doodles already know that…
when they come back from anywhere
people say
oh theyre so nice…
the twillies too
a certain judge here in sydney
my daughters friends with his daughter
he takes me aside and tells me
that they are so polite well mannered n considerate
with all the gravity a judge can muster…
all my daughters (cept the woofle)
so so nice n friendly
thats sk for ya tho
i had the minutiae covered
i knew the names of all the gods n goddesses in about 10 pantheons
our headmaster mr slade would defer to me in mythological questions
could i be nice?
could i hell?
what was this glaring hole in me?
why did i go round this world pissing people off?
nice work kilbeing!
you could write poems
but you could never manage a smile…
just like a human
just like humanity
our heads up our own wazoos
all we needed to be was nice
and to let it all go
let it go
i love you all

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